Create innovative heat pump systems using our system expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Our technology, system expertise and reference designs can help you design energy-efficient HVAC applications in less time. Our products enable high-efficiency and cost-optimized system solutions including condenser frost detectors, high-voltage power delivery, human machine interface displays and heat pump motor control.

Why choose TI for your HVAC system design?


Increase overall HVAC system power efficiency

Leverage highly efficient topologies and GaN technology with our portfolio of power devices across a wide voltage range.


Develop reliable motor-control designs

Simplify your motor-control designs, reduce board space, and lower system costs; our integrated motor drivers have easy-to-use control interfaces and safety features to boost performance.


Leverage our predictive maintenance reference designs

Learn how our predictive maintenance designs can reduce downtime for HVAC equipment.

Engineering a more advanced HVAC system

Increase power design efficiency and reduce solution costs

Our cost-optimized power architecture designs and evaluation modules are designed to work with heat-pump control boards to provide maximum longevity and efficiency over a wide temperature range.

You can also use a power factor correction (PFC) stage to increase the power efficiency of your designs. Our PFC controllers offer high efficiency, low standby power, a superior power factor and current distortion for switch-mode power supplies. Our portfolio spans conduction mode and transition mode to continuous-conduction-mode PFC.

Power factor correct (PFC) basics and design considerations
Learn what power factor correction is, the basics of power factor measurement and why PFC is needed. Also learn about EN6100-3-2 and Energy Star standards for power supplies.
High voltage seminar
Topics explore the latest trends in high-voltage power supply design and range from from the fundamentals of power factor correction (PFC) to designing multi-kW power supply systems and beyond. 
Designing a 99% efficient totem pole PFC with GaN
Power factor correction (PFC), is mandatory in every electrical or electronic product consuming more than 75W. This video provides key steps for designing high density (155 W/in3) and efficient (99%) totem-pole PFC with TI-GaN.
实现power design efficiency的特色产品
LMG3422R030 正在供货 具有集成驱动器、保护和温度报告功能的 600V 30mΩ GaN FET
UCC28180 正在供货 具有增强启动和瞬态响应功能的 18kHz 至 250kHz CCM PFC 控制器
UCC28070 正在供货 两相交错式连续导通模式 (CCM) PFC 控制器

Design more efficient and reliable motor-control solutions

Our HVAC motor-control solutions enable intelligent monitoring and control of HVAC motors for increased efficiency and lower bill-of-materials costs. Our reference designs, integrated circuits and system experts help you create reliable HVAC motor-control solutions that meet stringent industry efficiency standards.

InstaSPIN™ solutions for designing three-phase motor control applications
This e-book allows you to easily explore InstaSPIN solutions and software, and compare differing advantages and applications of the market leading motor solutions
无刷直流电机驱动器注意事项和选择指南 (Rev. A)
The usage of Brushless-DC (BLDC) motors is becoming more common, although more challenging to spin. Our BLDC motor drivers make spinning BLDC motors as simple as possible. Read more to find out how.
Configurable stepper driver for HVAC louver and motor control reference design
This reference design provides a flexible stepper motor system designed to drive up to two stepper motors, or 8 peripherals, while reducing the number of GPIOs needed from the host controller reducing overall cost.
实现motor control的特色产品
UCC5350 正在供货 具有米勒钳位或分离输出以及 8V 或 12V UVLO 的 3kVrms、5A/5A 单通道隔离式栅极驱动器
UCC21220 正在供货 适用于 MOSFET 和 GaNFET 的具有禁用引脚和 8V UVLO 的 3.0kVrms 4A/6A 双通道隔离式栅极驱动器
TMS320F280025C 正在供货 具有 100MHz 频率、FPU、TMU、128kB 闪存、CLB 的 C2000™ 32 位 MCU

Keep your HVAC unit running at its prime with our predictive maintenance solutions

Predictive maintenance involves sensors integrated strategically on or in a device to collect data that when analyzed can detect a potential part failure. These sensors range from infrared temperature sensors to piezoelectric vibration sensors.

Our reference designs and evaluation modules provide low-cost predictive maintenance solutions to increase HVAC system component longevity and efficiency over a wide temperature range.

Predicting maintenance needs with wireless motor monitors
Motors require periodic maintenance that can often prove expensive, while also causing downtime that can interrupt and delay important tasks. Learn more about how our reference design can help to track motor health.
Trends in building automation: predictive maintenance
Read about an example of predictive maintenance implementation with a electric rotary motor used in a variety of industrial applications.
实现predictive system maintenance的特色产品
CC1352P 正在供货 具有集成式功率放大器的 SimpleLink™ Arm Cortex-M4F 多协议低于 1GHz 和 2.4GHz 无线 MCU
新产品 MSPM0L1106 正在供货 具有 64KB 闪存、4KB SRAM、12 位 ADC 的 32MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU
HDC3020 正在供货 具有 0.19% 长期温漂和 4 秒响应时间的 0.5% RH 400nA NIST 可追溯数字湿度传感器

Advanced HVAC system controller designs

HVAC system and unit controllers are the backbone of any industrial HVAC system. These controllers are evolving from simple relay and sensor-loop controllers to more advanced controllers with smart connectivity, reliable input/output protection, and on-the-fly input/output configurations for sensors and control systems. The challenges include meeting functional safety requirements, balancing power with performance, and creating a cost-optimized design. 

Our scalable AM6x and AM3x processors support this transition, offering efficient edge processing and reducing power consumption to support battery- and power-efficient applications.

Sitara™ AM62x Benchmarks
This application report contains benchmarks for the AM62x family of devices.
Building automation for enhanced energy and operational efficiency (Rev. A)
In this white paper, we will discuss building automation solutions, focusing on aspects of the Building control system using our Sitara™ MPU devices.
具有高压 (±150V) 共模支持的 16 位 8 通道 PLC 模拟输入模块
This article explores the performance of analog input modules when an integrated difference amplifier is used to add high-voltage common mode (HVCM) support.
实现advanced HVAC system controller的特色产品
AM623 正在供货 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的对象和手势识别功能的物联网 (IoT) 和网关 SoC
AM625 正在供货 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的边缘 AI 和全高清双显示的人机交互 SoC
DP83826I 正在供货 具有工业温度范围、MII 接口和 ENHANCED 模式的低延迟 10/100Mbps PHY


Create customized power supply and active filter circuits

WEBENCH® Circuit Designer creates customized power supply and active filter circuits based on your system requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end selection, design, and simulation capabilities that save you time during all phases of the analog design process.

Utilize our tools to help (...)

基于单个驱动器且具有 15W 功率限制的 12V 步进、刷式直流和执行器驱动器参考设计
此参考设计展示了一款多负载驱动器,它可在多个配置中使用同一驱动器芯片,从而能够减少存货。多个负载可包括由 12V 直流电源驱动的一个双极步进电机、一个刷式直流电机以及三个传动器或电磁阀负载。该设计具有低于 2% 的输入电流限制精度误差,这有助于实现精确的功率限制,从而帮助轻松实现 IEC 60335-1 所定义的低功耗电路规格。此参考设计包含增强的保护功能,例如开路负载检测、抗噪短路保护、过流保护、过压保护、欠压保护、过热保护、浪涌保护和 ESD 保护,所有这些都有助于实现稳定可靠的系统设计。
TMS320F280039C C2000™ MCU controlCARD™ 评估模块

TMDSCNCD280039C 是一款适用于 TI C2000™ MCU 系列 F28003x 器件的低成本评估和开发板。它附带一个 HSEC180(180 引脚高速边缘连接器),是一款非常适合初始评估和原型设计的 controlCARD。评估 TMDSCNCD280039C 需要一个 180 引脚集线站 TMDSHSECDOCK(可单独购买)。

与HVAC 系统相关的参考设计



如何优化 楼宇和家居自动化设计以 提高能效
In this white paper, we discuss various advances with respect to energy efficiency in building automation.
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Design and simulation tools
Solve design challenges and speed up time to market with our diverse portfolio of tools and resources for product selection and simulation.
Trends in building automation: predictive maintenance
With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, there has been a major focus on implementing a method of proactive maintenance. Let’s look at an example of predictive maintenance implementation in a typical real-world application.