Bring your robotics designs to life using our products designed for perceptive sensing, precise motor control, real-time communication and AI technologies

Building smarter, safer robotics
Our dedicated engineering expertise in robotic applications, combined with the right product selection for any robot design type, can help you accelerate the design process. From Arm®-based application processors and TI mmWave radar sensors to industrial communications and on-demand functional safety data and documents, we can help you bring your design to life. 




Why choose TI for your next robotics design?


Simplify functional safety certification

Build reliable and safe robotic systems with devices that can help you comply with functional safety standards such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13482 and ISO 10218-1.


Enhance smart robot features

Our scalable portfolio of Arm®-based application processors enable you to build low-power, cost-optimized computing systems for robots – without compromising real-time control performance.


Precise sensing for robot accuracy

Design perceptive and power-efficient robots using our processor ICs with dedicated vision hardware, deep learning accelerators and digital signal processing cores that perform at low power.

Engineering the next generation of robotics

Build precise, safe and power-efficient motor-control systems

Choose the best power and size configurations for your robot designs with our motor-control solutions. Our broad product portfolio can help you design with the precision and efficiency your application requires.

  • Precise, time-sensitive real-time communications between host and client by using microcontroller (MCU)-integrated industrial protocols such as Profinet and EtherCAT.
  • Accurate response times with our ultra-low-latency, real-time MCUs, designed for efficiency.
  • Efficient and power-dense drive stages to deliver a range of power levels with our gate drivers.
  • Increased reliability and control accuracy with our voltage, current and position sensor solutions.
Using a motor drive for an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) as an example, the document describes the aspects to consider to select the right devices, meeting the safety requirements and reducing the overall bill of materials 
How motor drive innovations are helping solve robotic movement design challenges
Learn how to use motors to achieve precise, fast and powerful motions in your robot design.
Better signal integrity with isolated Delta-Sigma modulators in motor drives
This application note discusses the best practices for clock and data line routing and termination when using isolated delta-sigma modulators.
实现motor control的特色产品
DRV8353F 正在供货 具有 3 个 CSA 的 102V(最大值)三相功能安全质量管理型智能栅极驱动器
AMC1306M05 正在供货 ±50mV 输入、精密电流检测增强型隔离式调制器
TMS320F28388D 正在供货 具有连接管理器、2 个 C28x+CLA CPU、1.5MB 闪存、FPU64、CLB、ENET、EtherCAT 的 C2000™ 32 位 MCU

Design smart, affordable and functionally safe processing systems

Build smart and secure robots, without compromising real-time control performance, for fast and responsive closed-loop systems. Our portfolio of Arm®-based application processors enable low-power, small-form-factor and cost-optimized robot computing systems.

  • Choose from different multicore options for high-performance parallel processing and standardized communication interfaces to ensure simple integration with our fast, accurate and reliable motion-control solutions.
  • Reduce system complexity, size, weight and cost with highly integrated single-chip solutions, supported by dedicated hardware accelerators for vision and artificial intelligence.
  • Use our open-source software tools, system-on-modules and ecosystem to realize fast time to market.
Robot navigation using SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) on TDA4x processors
In this demo, together with Ignitarium and Kudan, we demonstrate autonomous robot navigation using SLAM and ROS on TDA4x processors.
Jacinto Functional Safety Enablers (Rev. A)
Leverage our functional safety diagnostic software library, compiler qualification kits, third party operating systems and development tools, and functional safety documentation to help your system-level certification efforts.
Edge AI robotics academy
Get started with embedded edge AI and robotics technology fundamentals including code examples for various robotics demos.

Create safe, precise, perceptive and power-efficient robotics designs for every environment

Our scalable sensor and processor technology with available functional safety documentation enable smaller form factor, including 3D perception, vision and navigation features.

  • Explore TI mmWave radar sensor devices with unprecedented accuracy and resolution, improving performance and integration with lower power consumption.
  • Our processing portfolio offers dedicated hardware for vision, deep learning accelerators and digital signal processing cores that deliver performance at low power with one software development kit.
  • Simplify your designs by leveraging various resources, from reference designs, design tools and software to learning about our global partners.
飞行时间和激光雷达 - 光学前端设计 (Rev. A)
Optical ToF LIDAR systems are used in a wide variety of products and receive paths can be architected using either TDCs or ADCs. In this application report, read more about the our devices to use in these systems.
Build safe, efficient and intelligent autonomous robots with TI sensing and processing
In this webinar we will introduce how mmWave radar and Jacinto™ TDA4x processors together form a system solution to enable safer, autonomous mobile robots of today.
mmWave radar academy
Learn how our industrial mmWave sensors provide not only distance, but also relative velocities of people in the scene to trigger robot slow down or stop based on proximity and speed of approach.
IWR6843 正在供货 集成有处理功能的 60GHz 至 64GHz 单芯片智能毫米波传感器
新产品 IWRL6432 预发布 单芯片低功耗 57GHz 至 64GHz 工业毫米波雷达传感器
新产品 IWRL6432 预发布 单芯片低功耗 57GHz 至 64GHz 工业毫米波雷达传感器

Build high-integrity, precise and secure robotic systems

Migrate your robot system to new technologies and standards such as Time-Sensitive Networking and single-pair Ethernet. Our products and system-level solutions are optimized for robotics electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference requirements.

  • Supporting a wide range of industrial communication standards: single-chip multiprotocol industrial Ethernet solutions for EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, and others, transceivers and physical layers for 10-/100-/1,000-Mb and IO-Link, Controller Area Network and RS-485.
  • Our wireless products easily integrate with a processor host running Linux® or an MCU host running real-time operating systems. The SimpleLink™ platform for Wi-Fi® 6 enables an affordable and secure connectivity.


Sitara™ 处理器和 MCU 上支持的工业通信协议 (Rev. D)
This application report shows the industrial communication protocols supported by each of the devices in the Sitara™ MCU+ and Sitara Arm® Cortex®-A processor portfolio, as well as where and how to get these protocols.
Industrial communications for robotics
Learn how to select the right industrial communications standard for sensors, and how to enable robots to achieve new levels of factory automation.
Factory automation design made simple with multiprotocol industrial Ethernet systems
Learn how our programmable real-time unit-industrial communications subsystem (PRU-ICSS) can support industrial Ethernet speeds of 1,000 Mbps for field devices – especially with the new Time-Sensitive Networking protocol.
DP83826E 正在供货 具有 MII 接口和 ENHANCED 模式的低延迟 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY
DP83TG720S-Q1 正在供货 具有 RGMII 和 SGMII 的 1000BASE-T1 汽车类以太网 PHY
新产品 AM2434 正在供货 具有工业通信和信息安全功能且频率高达 800MHz 的四核 Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU

Streamline functional safety system certification

Factory floors require equipment with monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to reduce the probability of dangerous faults that can result in harm of humans, environment or assets. 

We are helping achieve functional safety certification by building customer trust with expertly engineered products to meet industry standards such as IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 61800 and IEC 60730.

Design Smaller Safe Torque Off (STO) Systems Using 3-Phase Smart Gate Drivers
This article discusses the requirements of STO, the market trend, existing solutions, and the approach of the small STO design using DRV8350F and DRV8353F.
适用于工业驱动器且经过 TUEV 评估的安全转矩关闭 (STO) 参 考设计 (IEC 61800-5-2) (Rev. B)
This design guide outlines a safe torque off (STO) subsystem for a 3-phase inverter with CMOS input isolated IGBT gate drivers.
《了解符合 IEC 62380 和 SN 29500 的功能安全时基故障基本故障率估算》
Systematic and random hardware failures need to be addressed to achieve functional safety compliance. Learn about two techniques for estimating the base failure rate (BFR) required to calculate quantitative random hardware.
实现functional safety的特色产品
AM6442 正在供货 双核 64 位 Arm® Cortex®-A53,四核 Cortex-R5F,具有 PCIe、USB 3.0 和安全性
TPS37 正在供货 具有超低静态电流和延时功能的 65V 窗口监控器
TPS2662 正在供货 具有集成输入和输出反极性保护功能的 4.5V 至 60V、478mΩ、0.025A 至 0.88A 电子保险丝


软件开发套件 (SDK)
适用于 C2000™ MCU 的 MotorControl 软件开发套件 (SDK)
  • 适用于 C2000™ 微控制器 (MCU) 的 MotorControl SDK 包含一套全面的软件基础架构、工具和文档,旨在最大程度缩短基于 C2000 MCU 的电机控制系统开发时间,可适用于各种三相电机控制应用。软件包括的固件在适用于工业驱动和其他电机控制的 C2000 电机控制评估模块 (EVM) 和 TI Designs (TID) 上运行。MotorControl SDK 在高性能电机控制应用的每个开发和评估阶段提供所有需要的资源。
  • 该 SDK 包含一个 C2000Ware 副本,因此可提供从特定于器件的驱动程序和支持软件到复杂系统应用中的完整系统示例等多种资源
  • 请在下方查看此 (...)
TDA4VM Edge AI 视觉系统处理器入门套件

借助 TDA4VM 处理器入门套件,实现智能摄像头、机器人和智能机械。利用快速设置流程和各种基础演示和教程,您可以在一小时之内根据想象开始进行原型设计。此套件可实现 8 万亿次每秒运算 (TOPS) 的深度学习性能,以及硬件加速的边缘 AI 处理,无需任何手动工具。仅使用 Linux 和业界标准 API(TensorFlow Lite、ONNX Runtime、TVM、GStreamer、Docker、ROS 和 OpenGL ES)即可在嵌入式应用中实现高速 AI。


AM263x 基于 Arm® 的 MCU 通用 LaunchPad™ 开发套件

LP-AM263 是一款适用于 AM263x 系列 Sitara™ 高性能微控制器 (MCU) 的成本优化型开发板。该板提供易于使用的标准化平台来开发下一个应用,非常适用于初始评估和原型设计。

LP-AM263 配备 Sitara AM2634 处理器以及其他元件,使用户可以利用各种器件接口,包括工业以太网 (IE)、标准以太网、快速串行接口 (FSI) 等,从而轻松创建原型。AM2634 支持各种 IE 协议,例如 EtherCAT、EtherNet/IP 和 PROFINET®。

该扩展 LaunchPad™ XL 开发套件可提供额外 I/O 引脚用于开发,并支持连接多达两个 (...)

2023年8月30日 | 公司博客

The networking architecture of today's factories is continuously evolving, unlocking better efficiency, safety and sustainability.



Cobots bring the future to the factory
Learn about five ways that semiconductors are transforming the next generation of cobots.
Robotics SDK
The Robotics SDK provides a robotics software development environment for TI Jacinto Processors. It also offers software building blocks and example demos that can be leveraged in robotics software development.
Read our e-book to learn about technologies to help you build numerous types of industrial robots with precise motor control, smart sensing, processing at the edge, and real-time communications. 
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