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60V、N 沟道同步降压 NexFET MOSFET™、SON5x6 DualCool 电源块、40A


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CSD88599Q5DC PSpice Model PSpice Model ZIP 2018年 10月 26日

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适用于三相 BLDC 电机且效率为 99% 的 36V、1kW、18cm2 功率级参考设计

This 1kW power stage reference design achieves 99% efficiency for a three-phase, 36V brushless DC (BLDC) motor used in industrial applications such as power tools that operate from a 10-cell Li-ion battery. The design demonstrates the smallest inverter power stage for this power levels, implementing (...)


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降压转换器 NexFET™ 选择工具 FETPWRCALC 计算工具