This page contains specific information about Voice library (VoLIB) for C66x release package. Refer to the table below for download links and related content.


  Title Version Description Size
VOLIB_Fact_Sheet.pdf VoLIB Fact Sheet 44 K
VOLIB_C55_Users_Manual.chm VoLIB C55x Users Manual 3568 K
VOLIB_C64P_Users_Manual.chm VoLIB C64x+ Users Manual 3568 K
VOLIB_C66_Users_Manual.chm VoLIB C66x Users Manual 3568 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C66_Win32.exe VoLIB for C66x Windows Installer 76920 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C66_Linux.bin VoLIB for C66x Linux Installer 76756 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C64P_Win32.exe VoLIB for C64x+ Windows Installer 77312 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C64P_Linux.bin VoLIB for C64x+ Linux Installer 77144 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C55_Win32.exe VoLIB for C55x Windows Installer 49544 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C55_Linux.bin VoLIB for C55x Linux Installer 49380 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C55_cpu3_Win32.exe VoLIB for C55x CPU Rev 3 Windows Installer 49504 K
ti_mas_volib_2_1_0_1_C55_cpu3_Linux.bin VoLIB for C55x CPU Rev 3 Linux Installer 49340 K
MD5 Checksums MD5 Checksums 4 K

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family

Release Information

This is a GA release of the Voice Library (VoLIB) for the C55x, C64x+ and C66x processor families.

The Voice Library provides components that, together, facilitate the development of the

signal processing chain for Voice over IP applications such as infrastructure, enterprise,

residential gateways and IP phones. Together with optimized implementations of ITU-T voice

codecs, that can be acquired from TI separately ( link ), the components of VoLIB satisfy most

of the fundamental building blocks required to develop a complete VoIP signal processing chain.

The deliverables in this release include, a Windows and Linux installation executable for

the C55x, C64x+ and C66x DSP processing cores. Each executable installs a component package

repository, a documentation directory, an Eclipse plugin directory and an expanded component

directory structure with all component libraries, header files and test examples.

The VoLIB Fact Sheet below provides additional details regarding this release.

Software Defects

A list of tracked software defects can be found here.

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