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mmWave demo visualizer cloud development on TI Resource Explorer


mmWave sensing estimator cloud development on TI Resource Explorer


mmWave studio GUI tools for 1st-generation parts

ACTIVE 2.01.01   07-MAY-2020   Windows  

mmWave studio GUI tools for 2nd-generation parts

ACTIVE 3.00.00   30-JAN-2020    


mmWave Studio is designed to characterize and evaluate TI mmWave sensors. mmWave sensors are configured and controlled from mmWave Studio by sending commands to the devices over SPI. Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) data is captured using the DCA1000EVM board, processed in MATLAB®, and results are displayed in the GUI.

mmWave Studio is a collection of tools that enhance the evaluation of TI mmWave sensors. These easy-to-use tools provide capability to evaluate and prototype chirp designs and experiment with the the out-of-the-box demo. The tools are hosted directly on and enable interaction with the mmWave sensor evaluation modules. The tools can also be saved for offline use.

  • mmWave Studio
    • Post-processing of ADC data and visualization of processed data
    • Board control (SOP change, reset control)
    • RS-232 connection and firmware download
    • Configures mmWave sensors using radar API commands
    • Interface to DCA1000EVM for raw ADC data capture
  • mmWave Sensing Estimator
    • Enables calculation of chirp parameters directly from scene information, such as max range, max velocity, range resolution, and more
    • Provides real-time feedback on out-of-bounds parameters
    • Enables saving and restoring of previously created chirps
  • mmWave Demo Visualizer
    • Enables real-time plotting of point cloud from output of mmWave software development kit (SDK) out-of-the-box demo
    • Fully configurable directly through GUI interface
    • Profiles tuned to common end-user scenarios, such as range, range resolution, velocity, and velocity resolution

mmWave Studio is free and does not require any royalties to TI.

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TI 器件 (12)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
AWR1243  76GHz 至 81GHz 高性能汽车类 MMIC  毫米波雷达传感器 
AWR1443  集成 MCU 和硬件加速器的单芯片 76GHz 至 81GHz 汽车雷达传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
AWR1642  集成 DSP 和 MCU 的单芯片 76GHz 至 81GHz 汽车雷达传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
AWR1843  集成 DSP、MCU 和雷达加速器的单芯片 76GHz 至 81GHz 汽车雷达传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
AWR2243  76GHz 至 81GHz 汽车类第二代高性能 MMIC  毫米波雷达传感器 
AWR6843  集成 DSP、MCU 和雷达加速器的单芯片 60GHz 至 64GHz 汽车雷达传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR1443  集成 MCU 和硬件加速器的 76GHz 至 81GHz 单芯片毫米波传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR1642  集成 DSP 和 MCU 的 76GHz 至 81GHz 单芯片毫米波传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR1843  集成 DSP、MCU 和雷达加速器的 76GHz 至 81GHz 单芯片工业雷达传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR6443  Single-chip 60-GHz to 64-GHz intelligent mmWave sensor integrating MCU and hardware accelerator  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR6843  集成有处理功能的 60GHz 至 64GHz 单芯片智能毫米波传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 
IWR6843AOP  具有集成封装天线 (AoP) 的单芯片 60GHz 至 64GHz 智能毫米波传感器  毫米波雷达传感器 



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