Number of outputs 8 Frequency (Max) (kHz) 2000 A/D channels 15 Analog comparators 4 Communications 1 PMBUS, 1 SPI, 1 UART Compensator 3-pole/3-zero DPWM resolution (ps) 250 GPIOs 26, 33 Number of digital power peripheral feedback loops 4 Non-volatile memory 2kB (Data), 32kB (Program) Processor 31.25MHz, 32-bit ARM7 Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 Rating Catalog open-in-new 查找其它 数字电源隔离控制器


TQFP (PFC) 80 144 mm² 12 x 12 VQFN (RGC) 64 81 mm² 9.0 x 9.0 open-in-new 查找其它 数字电源隔离控制器


  • Digital Control of up to Four Voltage Feedback Loops
  • Up to Eight High-Resolution Digital Pulsewidth Modulated (DPWM) Outputs for Supporting a Wide Range of Offline, Isolated and Non-Isolated DC-to-DC Topologies
    • 250-ps DPWM Pulse-Width Resolution
    • 4-ns DPWM Frequency Resolution
    • Adjustable Phase Shift Between DPWM Outputs
    • Adjustable Dead Band Between Each DPWM Pair
    • Active-High or -Low DPWM Polarity
    • Up to 2-MHz DPWM Switching Frequency
  • Dedicated High-Speed Error Analog-to-Digital Converter (EADC) for Each Feedback Loop With Sense Resolution of up to 1 mV
  • On-Chip 10-Bit D and A Converter (DAC) for Setting EADC Reference Voltage
  • Dedicated Hardware Accelerated Digital Compensators or Control Law Accelerators (CLA)
    • Three-Pole, Three-Zero Configurable Compensator
    • Features Non-Linear Digital Control
    • Multiple Programmable Coefficient Registers for Adaptive Digital Compensation
  • Up to 15-Channel, 12-Bit, 200-ksps, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Multiple Levels of Fault Protection
    • Four High-Speed Analog Comparators
    • External Fault Inputs
    • 12-Bit ADC
  • Configurable for Voltage-Mode, Average-Current-Mode, and Resonant-Mode Control
  • Allows Synchronization of DPWM Waveforms Between Multiple UCD3040, UCD3020 and UCD3028 (UCD30xx) Devices
  • Adjustable DPWM Pulse Width Enables Support for Current Balancing in a Multiphase Application.
  • High-Performance 31.25-MHz, 32-Bit ARM7 Processor
  • 32-KByte Program Flash and 2-KByte Data Flash Memory With Error Correction Code (ECC)
  • 4-KByte Data RAM
  • 4-KByte Boot ROM
  • Communication Peripherals
    • PMBus
    • UART
    • SPI
    • JTAG (Not Available in the UCD3028)
  • Single-Supply Solution: Internal Regulator Controls External Pass Element
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • Up to Five Additional Timers
  • Built-In Watchdog, BOD, and POR
  • 80-Pin QFP (PFC), 64-Pin QFN (RGC), 48-Pin QFN (RGZ), and 40-Pin QFN (RHA and RMH) Package Offerings
  • Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to 125°C
    • Isolated AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC Power Supplies
    • Power-Factor Correction
    • Non-Isolated DC-to-DC Power Supplies
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    The UCD30xx devices are members of a family of digital PWM controllers from Texas Instruments providing a single-chip control solution for digital power-conversion applications. These devices allow digital control implementation of a high-performance, high-frequency power supply with flexible configuration of parameters, supervisory, monitoring, and communication functions.

    The UCD30xx are fully programmable solutions that are configurable to support a wide range of isolated and non-isolated topologies in single- or multiphase configurations. Some examples include interleaved PFC, isolated forward, half-bridge, phase-shifted full bridge, active clamp, and resonant LLC.

    At the core of the UCD30xx controllers are the digital control-loop peripherals, also known as Fusion Digital Power peripherals (FDPP). Each FDPP implements a high-speed digital control loop consisting of a dedicated error analog-to-digital converter (EADC), a three-pole/three-zero (3p, 3z) digital compensator, and two DPWM outputs with 250-ps pulse-width resolution. The device also contains a 12-bit, 200-ksps general-purpose ADC with up to 15 channels, timers, interrupt controls, and communications ports such as PMBus, SCI, and SPI. The device is based on a 32-bit ARM7 RISC CPU that performs real-time monitoring, configures peripherals, and manages communications. The CPU executes its program out of programmable flash memory as well as ROM.

    The UCD30xx is supported by Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio software development environment.

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    UCD3138 正在供货 用于隔离电源的高度集成数字控制器(具有 3 个反馈环路和 8 个 DPWM 输出) This product has 3 independently confirgurable control loops and 8 DPWM outputs.


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    * 数据表 Digital Power Controllers. 数据表 2013年 8月 23日
    选择指南 电源管理指南 2018 (Rev. K) 2018年 7月 31日
    选择指南 电源管理指南 2018 2018年 6月 25日
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    应用软件和框架 下载
    FUSION_DIGITAL_POWER_DESIGNER Fusion Digital Power™  is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to configure and monitor select Texas Instruments digital power controllers and sequencer/health monitors. The application uses the PMBus protocol to communicate with the device over serial bus by way of a TI USB adapter.

    Some of the tasks you can perform with the GUI include:

    • Turn on or off the power supply output, either through the hardware control line or the PMBus OPERATION command
    • Monitor real-time data. Items such as input voltage, output voltage, output current, temperature, and warnings/faults are continuously (...)
    应用软件和框架 下载
    Fusion Digital Power 制造工具
    FUSION_MFR_GUI The Fusion Digital Power Manufacturing Tool (aka MFR GUI) is a Graphical User Interface used to download firmware, upgrade firmware, configure, calibrate and test .

    The MFR GUI supports the same devices as Fusion Digital Power Designer software.  This tool is typically used in manufacturing (...)


    Some of the tasks the tool can perform include:

    • Download/Upgrade firmware
    • Program a device configuration
    • Calibrate a device (manually or instrumented via GPIB):
      • Input voltage (Vin)
      • Output voltage (Vout)
      • Output current (Iout)
      • Temperature
    • Test the device (validate power conversion falls within acceptable Vout (...)
    调试探测 下载
    Spectrum Digital XDS200 USB 仿真器
    TMDSEMU200-U Spectrum Digital XDS200 是最新 XDS200 系列 TI 处理器调试探针(仿真器)的首个模型。XDS200 系列拥有超低成本 XDS100 与高性能 XDS560v2 之间的低成本与高性能的完美平衡。此外,对于带有嵌入式缓冲跟踪器 (ETB) 的所有 ARM 和 DSP 处理器,所有 XDS 调试探针均支持内核和系统跟踪。

    Spectrum Digital XDS200 通过 TI 20 引脚连接器(带有适合 TI 14 引脚、TI 10 引脚和 ARM 20 引脚的多个适配器)连接到目标板,而通过 USB2.0 高速连接 (480Mbps) 连接到主机 PC。要在主机 PC 上运行,还需要 Code Composer Studio™ IDE 许可证。



    XDS200 是最新的 JTAG 系列 TI 处理器调试探针(仿真器)。XDS200 旨在提供良好的性能和最常见的功能,定位于低成本 XDS100 和高性能 XDS560v2 之间,是用于调试 TI 微控制器、处理器和无线器件的均衡型解决方案。

    XDS200 适合取代老化的 XDS510 系列 JTAG 调试器,其具有更高的 JTAG 数据吞吐量、增加了对 ARM 串行线调试模式的支持并降低了成本。

    XDS200 的所有型号均顺应在现代 TI 开发板上减小空间的趋势,为此提供标准的 TI 20 引脚连接器作为与目标之间的主要 JTAG 连接。此外,所有型号都提供针对 TI 和 ARM 标准 JTAG 接头的模块化目标配置适配器(提供的适配器因型号而异)。

    XDS200 支持传统的 IEEE1149.1 (JTAG)、IEEE1149.7 (cJTAG) 以及 ARM 的串行线调试 (SWD) 和串行线输出 (SWO),运行时的接口电平为 +1.5V 到 4.1V。

    与传统 JTAG 相比,IEEE1149.7 或紧凑 JTAG (cJTAG) 有巨大的进步;因为它仅需使用两个引脚即可支持所有功能,可用于某些指定的 TI 无线连接微控制器中。

    串行线调试 (SWD) 作为一种调试模式,也使用两个引脚,并且与 JTAG 相比能够以更高的时钟速率传输数据。串行线输出 (SWO) 多增加了一个引脚,此引脚允许对指定的 Cortex M4 微控制器执行简单的跟踪操作。

    所有 XDS200 型号均支持通过 USB2.0 高速连接 (480Mbps) 连接到主机,某些型号还支持以太网 10/100Mbps。此外,某些型号支持对目标板进行功耗监控。


    编程工具 下载
    FlashRunner™ FR03 系统内编程器
    由 SMH Technologies 提供 — FlashRunnerTM FR03 is a high-performance, standalone In-System Programmer for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunnerTM FR03, which is targeted at production environments, easily interfaces to a programming system or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and can work either in full (...)
    • In-system programming support for UCD3138, UCD3020, UCD3028, UCD3040, and other TI products
    • Standalone operation with Start button (projects and code images stored on a memory card)
    • Controllable by any host system via RS-232, also can be integrated with ATE
    • Supports ISP (in-system programming (...)
    支持软件 下载
    SLDC011K.ZIP (12589 KB)
    支持软件 下载
    SLDC014G.ZIP (9687 KB)

    CAD/CAE 符号

    封装 引脚 下载
    TQFP (PFC) 80 了解详情
    VQFN (RGC) 64 了解详情



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