Device type Flyback Control method Current Operating supply (Max) (V) 18 Operating supply current (mA) 4 UVLO thresholds on/off (V) 15.8 / 9.7 Features Adjustable Switch Frequency, Soft Start, Soft Switching Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 105 open-in-new 查找其它 功率因数校正(PFC)控制器


SOIC (D) 8 19 mm² 3.91 x 4.9 open-in-new 查找其它 功率因数校正(PFC)控制器


  • Transition Mode Controller for Low Implementation Cost of AC Input LED Lighting Applications
  • Implements Single Stage Power Factor Corrected LED Driver
  • Enhanced Transient Response With Slew-Rate Comparator
  • Interfaces with Traditional Wall Dimmers
  • Accurate Internal VREF for Tight Output Regulation
  • Two UVLO Options
  • Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Open-Feedback Protection and Enable Circuits
  • ±750-mA Peak Gate Drive Current
  • Low Start-Up and Operating Currents
  • Lead (Pb)-Free Packages
    • AC Input General Lighting Applications Using HB LEDs
    • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Lighting Fixtures
    • Outdoor Lighting: Street, Roadway, Parking, Construction and Ornamental LED Lighting Fixtures

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The UCC28810 and UCC28811 are general lighting power controllers for low to medium power lumens applications requiring power factor correction and EMC compliance. It is designed for controlling a flyback, buck or boost converter operating in critical conduction mode. It features a transconductance voltage amplifier for feedback error processing, a simple current reference generator for generating a current command proportional to the input voltage, a current-sense (PWM) comparator, PWM logic and a totem-pole driver for driving an external FET.

In the critical conduction mode operation, the PWM circuit is self-oscillating with the turn-on being governed by a transformer zero energy detector (TZE pin) and the turn-off being governed by the current sense comparator. Additionally, the controller provides features such as peak current limit, restart timer, overvoltage protection (OVP), and enable.

The efficient system performance is attained by incorporation of zero power detect function which allows the controller output to shut down at light load conditions without running into overvoltage. The device also features an innovative slew rate enhancement circuit which improves the large signal transient performance of the voltage error amplifier. The low start-up and operating currents of the device result in low power consumption and ease of start-up. The highly-accurate internal bandgap reference leads to tight regulation of the output voltage in normal and OVP conditions, resulting in higher system reliability. The enable comparator ensures that the controller is off if the feedback sense path is broken or if the input voltage is very low.

There are two key parametric differences between UCC28810 and UCC28811, the UVLO turn-on threshold and the gM amplifier source current. The UVLO turn-on threshold of the UCC28810 is 15.8 V and for the UCC28811 it is 12.5 V. The gM amplifier source current for UCC28810 is typically 1.3 mA, and for the UCC28811 it is 300µA. The higher UVLO turn-on threshold of the UCC28810 allows quicker and easier start-up with a smaller VDD capacitance while the lower UVLO turn-on threshold of UCC28811 allows operation of the critical conduction mode controller to be easily controlled by the downstream PWM controller in two-stage power converters. The UCC28810 gM amplifier also provides a full 1.3-mA typical source current for faster start-up and improved transient response when the output is low either at start-up or during transient conditions. The UCC28811 is suitable for applications such as street lights and larger area luminaires where a two-stage power conversion is needed. The UCC28810 is suitable for applications such as commercial or residential retrofit luminaires where there is no down-stream PWM conversion and the advantages of smaller VDD capacitor and improved transient response can be realized.

Devices are available in the industrial temperature range of –40°C to 105°C. Package offering is an 8-pin SOIC (D) package.

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UCC28810EVM-003 是一款具有功率因数校正功能的 110W 离线式 AC-to-DC LED 电流驱动器。此设计采用三个阶段方法(具有通用输入升压 PFC 阶段和低侧降压阶段),提供了受控制的电流源和半桥接 DC 转换阶段,可以为 4 个 LED 灯串提供隔离。

  • 90VRMS 至 265VRMS 操作
  • 升压跟随器或固定输出 PFC 级
  • PFC 禁用
  • 输出电流禁用
  • 外部或内部 PWM 明暗调节
  • 输出与线路输入隔离
  • 开路保护(如果某个 LED 灯串无法打开,其它灯串仍将亮起。)


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SLUC204A.ZIP (180 KB)
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SLUC205.ZIP (212 KB)
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具有 30W 输出的交流输入、6 通道 LED 串参考设计
PMP4484 The PMP4484 is a power reference design with AC input. It is a isolated LED driver, provides 6 channel LED outputs with PWM dimming.  It implements a high PF flyback controller UCC28810 to output DC 40V, the Constant Current Buck LED Driver LM3414HV downs the voltage to 30V to drive  LED (...)
document-generic 原理图 document-generic 用户指南
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100V-265V 交流电压 100W 高棚灯 LED 照明 (80V@350mA)
PMP4862 — PMP4862 参考设计可在 350mA 时通过通用 AC 输入驱动三个独立的 LED 灯串(高达 77V)。UCC28810 用于 PFC 反向配置,以同时提供功率因数校正和隔离。每个 LED 驱动器使用一个 TPS40210 以控制独立的 LED 电流。为每个独立的 LED 灯串提供 PWM 明暗调节、开/关控制、电流监控和微调功能。PFC 反向效率达 87% 以上,降压 LED 驱动器效率可超过 92%。整体效率超过 80%。
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多变压器 2x25V (50V (700mA))
PMP5660 — 此 PMP5660 可提供从通用输入到两串 LED(每串最高 700mA,50V)的高效率二阶段解决方案:PFC TM 升压和多变压器 LLC 谐振。TLC555 可提供内部 PWM 调光功能。
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24V @ 2A、5V @ 0.6A PFC 反向
PMP5688 — From universal mains to 24V @ 2A constant voltage, this converter, that includes the PFC function, found typical application in LED bus voltage generation. A further Buck provides 5V @ 600mA for the digital part of the load.
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21V 至 26V (4A) LED 驱动器
PMP5715 — The PMP5715.1 is a transition mode (TM) Boost PFC that, from high line (176Vac to 280Vac), supplies 410V @ 283mA to the second block: the LLC stage.
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单极功率因数校正隔离式反激,可实现离线电压至 10.5VDC/2A 的转换
PMP10155 当需要输入功率因素时(如 LED 照明、航空电子设备或低 THD 应用以及隔离),单级 PFC 反激式拓扑将是最佳拓扑。此类拓扑的唯一缺点是输出端的 100Hz/120Hz 电压波纹。
document-generic 原理图 document-generic 用户指南
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采用 DALI、DMX512 和电力线通信的 AC 电源 LED 照明
TIDM-AC-LED-COM 此 LED 照明设计可借助内置通信网络提供大功率节能照明,非常适用于户外、娱乐和工业照明应用。该照明装置包含一个 250W 通用交流输入 LED 驱动器电源和一个用于演示的 6 串式 LED 灯。LED 驱动器电源的运行功效大于 90%,功率因数 (PF) 可达 0.99,因而能够以出色的功效和电能利用率来驱动 LED。此外,此电源支持数字可寻址照明接口 (DALI)、DMX512 和电力线通信 (PLC) 等通用照明通信标准,以便支持系统联网照明和远程连接。
document-generic 原理图 document-generic 用户指南
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具有 DHC 功能的 110W 交流输入、6 通道可调光 LED 驱动器
PMP4334 — PMP4334 is the combo solution that provides single stage PFC and 6-channel LED drivers total solution with 110W output power. It delievers 350mA/channel with typical 50V output voltage. Overall PF>0.95 is achieved with the help of TM PFC UCC28810. Dynamic headroom control(DHC) feature of LM3463 (...)
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使用单串 LLC 解决方案、不含调光 FET 的 380V/350mA 可调光 LED 驱动器
PMP4371 — This design is based on PMP4350 and supports higher output voltage up to 380V. Different from PMP4350, the high voltage LED switch MOSFET is removed and reduced overall cost. With additional resistor and capacitor from LEDSW to CS pin, the LED driver demos good linearity dimming performnace under (...)
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PMP5112 — PMP5112 参考设计在单级、PFC-SEPIC 配置中使用 UCC28810 提供 50W LED 负载。该电源可使用 85VAC 高达 305VAC 的输入范围供电。可在 0.5A 固定电流下驱动 50V 高达 100V 的 LED 灯串,功效达 90% 以上。
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不含 CT 的通用交流输入、150W 单串 200V/700mA 输出 LLC 转换器
PMP4350 — The reference design is a high effiency (>94%) isolated AC/DC single string output LED lighting solution for high watt (>100W) general LED lighting. The topology uses Transition Mode (TM) PFC plus LLC control, which can support PWM dimming and analog dimming on the output side. The target (...)
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通用输入 45W AC-DC LED 驱动器参考设计
PMP6011 — 此设计提供从 90VAC 到 300VAC 的交流电源驱动多个具有电流匹配的 LED 灯串的能力。电路为功率因数校正且提供高效良好的线路调节。
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90Vac~264Vac 输入 100W 4x500mA LED 照明驱动器(不含 Vcc 辅助反向电源)
PMP4302B — 该参考设计采用 TI 多变压器 LLC 控制器 UCC25710 及转移模式 PFC (Transition mode PFC) 控制器 UCC28810,能够为通用 LED 照明驱动器开发 100W 的四灯串(每个灯串的电流为 500mA)输出。该解决方案的主要优势是高效率、高功率因数以及良好的电流匹配。此外,该参考设计还采用创新型自启动电路来为一次侧 (UCC28810) 和二次侧 (UCC25710) 上的 Vcc 供电,且不需使用任何到电源主控制器的辅助反激转换器。该应用可用于路灯和商业照明等 LED 通用照明。
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35W PFC LED 驱动
PMP5526 — LED flyback for High Line input, offline LED driver that provides Power factor Correction PFC
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通用输入、21V - 26V @ 4A LED 驱动器
PMP5739 — PMP5739 是通用线路版的 PMP5715。通过 PFC TM 升压和 LLC 级提供 21V...26V @ 4A 恒流,适用于 LED 面板驱动。通过连接至输出绕线的电流互感器关闭环路。灯串开路保护由光耦合器和稳压二级管来实现
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用于 40V @ 700mA Sepic 的通用输入
PMP5714 — 此 PMP5714 是非隔离式恒流 LED 驱动器,可在 SEPIC 拓扑中从通用电源提供 20V…40V @ 700mA,在很小的空间内实现高功率因数。
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150W 51.5V 总线电压发生器
PMP5687 — 转换模式 (TM) 升压 PFC 和 TM 降压可从高线路向 LED 串提供 80mA 纯电流,最大电压为 312V。PCB 板专为装入 T8 荧光管而设计,适用于改良用途。还提供 PWM 调光输入功能。
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25V @ 2A PFC 反向
PMP5560 — PMP5560 是包括 PFC 功能的恒流 LED 驱动器,可提供 12V 至 25V(2A 恒流)电压。输入电压为高压线。
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28V @ 1.4A PFC 反向
PMP4715 — PMP4715 是包括 PFC 功能的恒流 LED 驱动器,可在 12V 至 28V 范围内提供 1.4A 恒流。输入电压为高线路电压。
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70W PFC LED 总线电压发生器
PMP4625 — PMP4625 是一种隔离式单级 PFC 反激。二级侧电压环路关闭,并且为 LEG 应用提供恒定 50V (1.4A) 总线电压。输入电压为 180Vac 至 265Vac
参考设计 下载
18W AC-DC 室内 LED 驱动器
PMP6694 — PMP6694 基于 18W LED,是用于更换白炽灯泡和卤素灯泡(使用 UCC28810 准谐振式 PFC 反向转换器)的参考设计。
参考设计 下载
33.6W PFC LED 驱动
PMP4618 — The PMP4618 is a constant current LED driver, delivering 10V to 48V with a constant current of 350mA or 700mA. The output current is adjustable by means of a switch; the input voltage is the high line.
参考设计 下载
LED driver 80V@2A
PMP4530 — 通过采用 PFC 反向单级拓扑,PMP4530 可使用低功耗电源线 (85Vac…132Vac) 提供 80V @ 2A 的恒定电压。输出端通常与 LED 灯串的多个降压后置稳压器相连。
参考设计 下载
LED 驱动器 48V@0.7A
PMP4501 — PMP4501 是恒流 LED 驱动器,提供具有 700mA 恒流的 10V 至 48V 电压。可通过单个电阻对输出电流进行调节;输入电压为高线路。
参考设计 下载
50W PFC LED 驱动转换模式反向
PMP2698 此有源功率因素校正、转换模式、隔离型反激式转换器可在 LED 灯串上生成 3.5A 恒定电流,电流来源于高压线路(180 至 264Vac)。支持的输出电压范围为 8 to 28V。开路 LED 保护(过压)的最大值设为 27V。
参考设计 下载
用于区域照明的 LED 驱动器
PMP5732 — PMP5732 是一种可用于区域照明的 LED 驱动器。它可在 100VAC 至 277VAC 的输入电压范围内操作。采用的是具有模拟调光的反向拓扑。
参考设计 下载
通用交流输入(90V-264V) 高效 150W 单串 200V/700mA 输出 LLC 转换器
PMP4317 — 本参考设计是用于高功率 (>100W) 常规 LED 照明非常高效的 (>94%) 隔离式 AC/DC 单个灯串输出 LED 照明解决方案。拓扑使用转换模式 (TM) PFC 加上 LLC 控制,它可支持 PWM 调光以及输出端的模拟调光。用于本参考设计的目标应用为室外照明以及高棚灯 LED 照明
参考设计 下载
PMP4705 — PMP4705 是 12V 总线电压的参考设计。它可在宽输入电压范围(100VAC 至 240VAC)内操作。它是具有 PFC 的反向拓扑。
参考设计 下载
PMP4518 — PMP4518 是一种隔离式单级 PFC 反向。二级侧电压环路关闭,并且为 LEG 应用提供恒定 50V @ 1.4A 总线电压。输入电压为 108V ­ 305Vac
参考设计 下载
用于 OLED 照明的 PFC SEPIC(208V@0.110A 非隔离式 LED 灯串)
PMP5242 — The PMP5242 reference design uses the UCC28810 in a single-stage, PFC-SEPIC configuration to drive a 22W LED load. This supply can operate from an input ranging from 85VAC up to 265VAC. It is capable of driving LED strings from 156V up to 208V at a fixed current of 110mA with efficiency over 89%.
参考设计 下载
用于 LED 照明的 PFC/反向 - 59V@2.5A
PMP4636 PMP4636 是有源功率因素校正、转换模式、隔离型反激式转换器,可从高压线路生成 59V@2.5A 的总线电压。此电压将供应多个降压转换器以便为不同 LED 灯串提供恒定电流。
参考设计 下载
PFC 反向 LED 转换器 40V - 120V @ 0.35A
PMP4522 此有源功率因素校正、转换模式、隔离型反激式转换器可在 LED 灯串上生成 350mA 恒定电流,电流来源于高压线路(180 至 264Vac)。支持的输出电压范围为 40 至 120V。还可执行开路 LED 保护(过压)并对输出电容器进行安全放电。
参考设计 下载
用于 20W T8/T10 荧光灯 LED 驱动器的 PMP4301 参考设计
PMP4301 — 该参考设计包含具有校正功能的单级高功率因数 LED 驱动器(使用 UCC28810 LED 照明电源控制器)的原理图、物料清单和光绘文件。


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