Input voltage (type) DC/DC Vin (Min) (V) 4.5 Vin (Max) (V) 65 Iout (Max) (A) 0.2 Vout (Min) (V) 5 Vout (Max) (V) 65 Regulated outputs (#) 2 Topology Boost, Boost with Current Sink, Multi-Channel Dimming method PWM Power factor correction (Min) Features Adjustable Switch Frequency, Enable/Shutdown, Integrated Switch, Power Good, Soft Start, Thermal Shutdown Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 Switching frequency (Min) (kHz) 200 Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) 1000 Iq (Typ) (mA) 3.6 Vref (V) 1.25 open-in-new 查找其它 通用照明LED驱动器


HTSSOP (PWP) 20 42 mm² 6.5 x 6.4 open-in-new 查找其它 通用照明LED驱动器


  • Boost Converter:
    • LM3492-Q1 is an Automotive Grade Product That is AEC Q100 Grade 1 Qualified
    • Very Wide Input Voltage Ranged From 4.5 V to 65 V
    • Programmable Soft Start
    • No Loop Compensation Required
    • Stable With Ceramic and Other Low ESR Capacitors With No Audible Noise
    • Nearly Constant Switching Frequency Programmable From 200 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Current Regulators:
    • Programmable LED Current from 50 mA to 200 mA
    • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio at a Dimming Frequency of More Than 3 kHz, Minimum LED Current Pulse Width is 300 ns
    • Two Individual Dimmable LED Strings up to 65 V, Total 15 W (Typically 28 LEDs at 150 mA)
    • Dynamic Headroom Control Maximizes Efficiency
    • Over-Power Protection
    • ±3% Current Accuracy
  • Supervisory Functions:
    • Precision Enable
    • COMM I/O Pin for Diagnostic and Commands
    • Thermal Shutdown Protection
    • Thermally Enhanced 20-Pin HTSSOP package
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The LM3492/-Q1 integrates a boost converter and a two-channel current regulator to implement a high efficient and cost effective LED driver for driving two individually dimmable LED strings with a maximum power of 15 W and an output voltage of up to 65 V. The boost converter employs a proprietary Projected-On-Time control method to give a fast transient response with no compensation required, and a nearly constant switching frequency programmable from 200 kHz to 1 MHz. The application circuit is stable with ceramic capacitors and produces no audible noise on dimming. The programmable peak current limit and soft-start features reduce current surges at start-up, and an integrated 190 mΩ, 3.9-A N-Channel MOSFET switch minimizes the solution size.

The fast slew rate current regulator allows high frequency and narrow pulse width dimming signals to achieve a very high contrast ratio of 1000:1 at a dimming frequency of more than 3 kHz. The LED current is programmable from 50 mA to 200 mA by a single resistor.

To maximize the efficiency, Dynamic Headroom Control (DHC) automatically adjusts the output voltage to a minimum. DHC also facilitates a single BOM for different number of LED in a string, which is required for backlight panels of different size, thereby reducing overall development time and cost. The LM3492/-Q1 comes with a versatile COMM pin which serves as a bidirectional I/O pin interfacing with an external MCU for the following functions: power-good, overtemperature, IOUT overvoltage and undervoltage indications, switching frequency tuning, and channel 1 disabling. Other supervisory functions of the LM3492/-Q1 include precise enable, VCC undervoltage lockout, current regulator over-power protection, and thermal shutdown protection. The LM3492/-Q1 is available in the thermally enhanced 20-pin HTSSOP package.

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LM3492-Q1 正在供货 具有升压转换器和快速电流调节器的汽车类 2 通道独立可调光 LED 驱动器 LM3492-Q1 is an automotive qualified version of LM3492.


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The LM3492 demonstration board included in this package is designed for converting nominal 12VAC from electronic transformer output to drive seven series connected LEDs at 360- mA average current. The end user can directly light up a LED string through the demonstration board from an electronic (...)

  • Drop-in compatible with electronic transformers
  • Excellent compatibility with various electronic transformers
  • Regulated LED current
  • Flicker free operation
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The LM3492 integrates a boost converter and a two-channel current regulator to implement a high efficient and cost effective LED driver for driving two individually dimmable LED strings with a maximum power of 15W and an output voltage of up to 65V. The boost converter employs a proprietary (...)


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PSPICE® for TI design and simulation tool
PSPICE-FOR-TI — PSpice® for TI 可提供帮助评估模拟电路功能的设计和仿真环境。此功能齐全的设计和仿真套件使用 Cadence® 的模拟分析引擎。PSpice for TI 可免费使用,包括业内超大的模型库之一,涵盖我们的模拟和电源产品系列以及精选的模拟行为模型。

借助 PSpice for TI 的设计和仿真环境及其内置的模型库,您可对复杂的混合信号设计进行仿真。创建完整的终端设备设计和原型解决方案,然后再进行布局和制造,可缩短产品上市时间并降低开发成本。 

在 PSpice for TI 设计和仿真工具中,您可以搜索 TI 器件、了解产品系列、打开测试台并对您的设计进行仿真,从而进一步分析选定的器件。您还可对多个 TI 器件进行联合仿真,以更好地展现您的系统。

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借助 PSpice for TI,您可使用合适的工具来满足您在整个设计周期(从电路探索到设计开发和验证)的仿真需求。免费获取、轻松入门。立即下载 PSpice 设计和仿真套件,开始您的设计。


  1. 申请使用 PSPICE-FOR-TI 仿真器
  2. 下载并安装
  3. 观看有关仿真入门的培训
  • 利用 Cadence PSpice 技术
  • 带有一套数字模型的预装库可在最坏情形下进行时序分析
  • 动态更新确保您可以使用全新的器件型号
  • 针对仿真速度进行了优化,且不会降低精度
  • 支持对多个产品进行同步分析
  • 基于 OrCAD Capture 框架,提供对业界广泛使用的原理图捕获和仿真环境的访问权限
  • 可离线使用
  • 在各种工作条件和器件容许范围内验证设计,包括
    • 自动测量和后处理
    • Monte Carlo 分析
    • 最坏情形分析
    • 热分析


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HTSSOP (PWP) 20 了解详情


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