SPRZ457G January   2021  – March 2023 AM2431 , AM2432 , AM2434 , AM6411 , AM6412 , AM6421 , AM6422 , AM6441 , AM6442


  1. 1Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices
    1. 1.1 Devices Supported
  2. 2Silicon Usage Notes and Advisories
    1. 2.1 Silicon Usage Notes
      1.      i2287
      2.      i2351
    2. 2.2 Silicon Advisories
      1.      i2049
      2.      i2062
      3.      i2103
      4.      i2184
      5.      i2189
      6.      i2236
      7.      i2185
      8.      i2196
      9.      i2207
      10.      i2208
      11.      i2228
      12.      i2232
      13.      i2244
      14.      i2245
      15.      i2091
      16.      i2235
      17.      i2303
      18.      i2317
      19.      i2134
      20.      i2257
      21.      i2277
      22.      i2285
      23.      i2310
      24.      i2311
      25.      i2313
      26.      i2328
      27.      i2241
      28.      i2279
      29.      i2307
      30.      i2320
      31.      i2329
      32.      i2331
      33.      i2243
      34.      i2249
      35.      i2256
      36.      i2274
      37.      i2278
      38.      i2306
      39.      i2363
      40.      i2312
      41.      i2371
      42.      i2366
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Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices

Table 1-1 lists all usage notes and the applicable silicon revision(s). Table 1-2 lists all advisories, modules affected, and the applicable silicon revision(s).

Table 1-1 Usage Notes Matrix
AM64x/AM243x 1.0 AM64x/AM243x 2.0
Package i2287 — Package Pin Assignment Difference between SR1.0 and SR2.0 YES YES
OSPI i2351 — OSPI: Controller does not support Continuous Read mode with NAND Flash YES YES
Table 1-2 Advisories Matrix
AM64x/AM243x 1.0 AM64x/AM243x 2.0
Boot i2328 — Boot: USB MSC boots intermittently YES YES
Boot i2257 — xSPI boot mode redundant image boot failure YES NO
Boot i2307 — Boot: ROM does not properly select OSPI clocking modes based on BOOTMODE YES YES
Boot i2306 — Boot: ROM does not turn off internal termination resistors in SERDES YES NO
Boot i2363 — Boot: Peak voltage transitions may exceed PCIe spec during PCIe boot YES YES
Boot Section 2.2.1— Boot: ROM does not comprehend specific JEDEC SFDP features for 8D-8D-8D operation YES YES
Boot Section 2.2.1— Boot: ROM code may hang in UART boot mode during data transfer YES YES
CBASS i2207 — CBASS: Command Arbitration Blocking YES YES
CBASS i2235 — CBASS Null Error Interrupt Not Masked By Enable Register YES YES
CPSW i2184 — CPSW: IET express traffic policing issue YES YES
CPSW i2185 — CPSW: Policer color marking issue YES YES
CPSW i2208 — CPSW: ALE IET Express Packet Drops YES YES
CPSW i2331 — CPSW: Device lockup when reading CPSW registers YES YES
DebugSS i2317 — Debug is not available after TRST pin de-assertion when device pin EMU1 is repurposed as MCU_OBSCLK0 YES NO
DDR i2232 — DDR: Controller postpones more than allowed refreshes after frequency change YES YES
DDR i2244 — DDR: Valid stop value must be defined for write DQ VREF training YES YES
DDR i2274 — DDR: Including DDR in BSCAN causes current alarm on the DDR supply YES NO
DMA i2285 — BCDMA: Blockcopy Gets Corrupted if TR Read Responses Interleave with Source Data Fetch YES NO
DMA i2320 — BCDMA and PKTDMA: Descriptors and TRs required to be returned unfragmented YES NO
DMSC i2245 — DMSC: Firewall Region requires specific configuration YES YES
ECC_AGGR i2049 — ECC_AGGR: Potential IP Clockstop/Reset Sequence Hang due to Pending ECC Aggregator Interrupts YES YES
GPMC i2313 — GPMC: Sub-32-bit read issue with NAND and FPGA/FIFO YES NO
Internal Diagnostic Modules i2103 — Incorrect Reporting of ECC_GRP, ECC_BIT and ECC_TYPE Information for Functional Safety Errors YES YES
Interrupt Aggregator i2196 — IA: Potential deadlock scenarios in IA YES YES
JTAG i2228 — JTAG: TAP used by Debuggers may be inaccessible if TRSTn device pin is never asserted YES NO
MCAN i2279 — MCAN: Specification Update for dedicated Tx Buffers and Tx Queues configured with same Message ID YES YES
MCAN i2278 — MCAN: Message Transmit order not guaranteed from dedicated Tx Buffers configured with same Message ID YES YES
MDIO i2329 — MDIO: MDIO interface corruption (CPSW and PRU-ICSS) YES YES
MMCSD Section 2.2.1 — MMCSD: HS200 and SDR104 Command Timeout Window Too Small YES YES
OSPI i2189 — OSPI: Controller PHY Tuning Algorithm YES YES
OSPI i2303 — OSPI: OSPI0_LBCLK0 pin has input floating by default YES NO
OSPI i2249 — OSPI: Internal PHY Loopback and Internal Pad Loopback clocking modes with DDR timing inoperable YES YES
PCIe i2236 — PCIe: SERDES output reference clock cannot be used YES NO
PCIe i2241 — PCIe: The SerDes PCIe Reference Clock Output can exceed the 5.0 GT/s Data Rate RMS jitter limit YES NO
PCIe i2256 — PCIe: MSI or MSI-X does not trigger interrupt if address is not aligned to 8-bytes YES NO
PCIe i2243 — PCIe: Timing requirement for disabling output refclk during L1.2 substate is not met YES YES
POK i2277 — POK: De-Glitch (filter) is based upon only two samples YES NO
RAT i2062 — RAT: Error Interrupt Triggered Even When Error Logging Disable Is Set YES YES
USART i2310 — USART: Erroneous clear/trigger of timeout interrupt YES YES
USART i2311 — USART: Spurious DMA Interrupts YES YES
USB i2091 — USB: USB 2.0 PHY hangs if received signal amplitude crosses squelch threshold multiple times within the same packet YES NO
USB i2134 — USB: USB 2.0 Compliance Receive Sensitivity Test Limitation YES NO