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LMG3410 (预发布)

LMG3410 Spitfire - 具有集成驱动器和安全开关的智能 GaN FET

LMG3410 Spitfire - 具有集成驱动器和安全开关的智能 GaN FET - LMG3410

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Experimental samples are available (XLMG3410RWHT). Order now

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The LMG3410 Single-Channel Gallium-Nitride (GaN) Power Stage contains a 70-mΩ, 600-V GaN power transistor, an optimized driver, and built-in protection, in a low inductance 8-mm by 8-mm QFN package. The LMG3410 power stage coupled with TI’s analog and digital power-conversion controllers enables designers to create smaller, more efficient and higher-performing designs compared to silicon FET-based solutions. These benefits are especially important in isolated high-voltage industrial, telecom, enterprise computing and renewable energy applications.

With its integrated driver and features such as zero reverse-recovery current, the LMG3410 provides reliable performance in hard-switching applications where it can dramatically reduce switching losses by as much as 80 percent. Unlike stand-alone GaN FETs, the easy-to-use LMG3410 integrates built-in intelligence for temperature, current and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) fault protection.

Finally, externally-adjustable slew rate and a low-inductance QFN package minimize switching loss, voltage ringing, and electrical noise generation


  • 70-mΩ, 600-V GaN Power Stage for 12A Operation
  • Integrated Gate Driver
    • Zero Common Source Inductance
    • 20-ns Propagation Delay
    • 1MHz Operation
    • Only Single +12V Unregulated Supply Needed
    • Integrated Gate Driver Bias Supply
  • Built-in Protection with FAULT Output Signal
    • High Speed Over-Current Protection with <100ns Response Time
    • Over-temperature Protection
    • UVLO Protection on All Supply Rails
  • Externally-Adjustable Drive Strength for Switching Performance and EMI Control
    • Supports 25 to 100 V/ns
    • No Compromise in Gate-drive Inductance
  • Auxiliary 5V LDO Output
  • Low Inductance 8mm x 8mm QFN Package for Easy Layout and Design

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参数 与其它产品相比 GaN FET 模块

VDS (Max) (V)
ID (Max) (A)
RDS (on) (Milliohm)
Coss (pF)
Logic Level
Prop Delay (ns)
Control Method
LMG3410 LMG5200
Single-Channel Power Stage     Half Bridge Power Stage    
600     80    
12     10    
70     15    
71     266    
12     5    
3V to 5V CMOS and TTL     3V to 5V CMOS and TTL    
20     29.5    
External     External