LMG3410R150 具有集成驱动器和过流保护功能的 600V 150mΩ GaN | 德州仪器 TI.com.cn

LMG3410R150 (正在供货) 具有集成驱动器和过流保护功能的 600V 150mΩ GaN

具有集成驱动器和过流保护功能的 600V 150mΩ GaN - LMG3410R150

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Preproduction samples are available (XLMG3410R150RWHT). Request now

Get started with your GaN design today with the LMG3410R150 development kit:


The LMG341xR150 GaN power stage with integrated driver and protection enables designers to achieve new levels of power density and efficiency in power electronics systems. The LMG341x’s inherent advantages over silicon MOSFETs include ultra-low input and output capacitance, zero reverse recovery to reduce switching losses by as much as 80%, and low switch node ringing to reduce EMI. These advantages enable dense and efficient topologies like the totem-pole PFC.

The LMG341xR150 provides a smart alternative to traditional cascode GaN and standalone GaN FETs by integrating a unique set of features to simplify design, maximize reliability and optimize the performance of any power supply. Integrated gate drive enables 100V/ns switching with near zero Vds ringing, <100 ns current limiting self-protects against unintended shoot-through events, Overtemperature shutdown prevents thermal runaway, and system interface signals provide self-monitoring capability.


  • TI GaN process qualified through accelerated reliability in-application hard-switching mission profiles
  • Enables high density power conversion designs
    • Superior system performance over cascode or stand-alone GaN FETs
    • Low inductance 8mm x 8mm QFN package for ease of design, and layout
    • Adjustable drive strength for switching performance and EMI control
    • Digital fault status output signal
    • Only +12 V unregulated supply needed
  • Integrated gate driver
    • Zero common source inductance
    • 20 ns propagation delay for MHz operation
    • Process-tuned gate bias voltage for reliability
    • 25 to 100V/ns user adjustable slew rate
    • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
  • Robust protection
    • Requires no external protection components
    • Overcurrent protection with <100ns response
    • >150V/ns slew rate immunity
    • Transient overvoltage immunity
    • Overtemperature protection
    • UVLO protection on all supply rails
  • Device Options:
    • LMG3410R150: Latched Overcurrent Protection
    • LMG3411R150: Cycle-by-cycle Overcurrent Proection

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