LMG3410 Spitfire - 具有集成驱动器和安全开关的智能 GaN FET - LMG3410

LMG3410 (预发布)

LMG3410 Spitfire - 具有集成驱动器和安全开关的智能 GaN FET


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The LMG3410 Single-Channel Gallium-Nitride (GaN) Power Stage contains a 70-mΩ, 600-V GaN power transistor and specialized driver in an 8-mm by 8-mm QFN package. Our Direct Drive architecture is used to create a normally-off device while providing the native switching performance of the GaN power transistor. When the LMG3410 is unpowered, an integrated low-voltage silicon MOSFET turns the GaN device off via its source. In normal operation, the low-voltage silicon MOSFET is held on continuously while the GaN device is gated directly from an internally-generated negative voltage supply.

The integrated driver provides additional protection and convenience features. Fast over-current, over-temperature and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) protections help create a fail-safe system; the device’s status is indicated by the FAULT output. An internal 5-V low-dropout regulator can provide up to 5 mA to supply external signal isolators. Finally, externally-adjustable slew rate and a low-inductance QFN package minimize switching loss, drain ringing, and electrical noise generation.


  • Integrated 70-mΩ, 600-V GaN and Driver
  • Single Package for Ease of Design and Layout
  • Up to 1 MHz Steady-State Operation
  • 20-ns Typical Propagation Delay
  • Operates From a Single Unregulated 12-V Supply
  • Externally-Adjustable Drive Strength for Switching Performance and EMI Control
    • Supports 25 to 100 V/ns
  • Integrated DC-DC Converter for Negative Drive Voltage
  • Fault Output Ensures Safety
    • UVLO Protection
    • Over-Current Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection
  • High Edge-Rate Tolerance

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参数 与其它产品相比 GaN FET 模块

VDS (Max) (V)
ID (Max) (A)
RDS (on) (Milliohm)
Coss (pF)
Logic Level
Prop Delay (ns)
Control Method
LMG3410 LMG5200
Single-Channel Power Stage    Half Bridge Power Stage   
600    80   
12    10   
70    15   
71    266   
12    5   
3V to 5V CMOS and TTL    3V to 5V CMOS and TTL   
20    29.5   
External    External