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The TLV320AIC3256EVM-U is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit for the TLV320AIC3256 audio codec. The AIC3256 CS, is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful tool to learn, evaluate, and control the TLV320AIC3256. This tool was specifically designed to make learning the TLV320AIC3256 easy.

Software development for the TLV320AIC3256 is supported through TI's comprehensive PurePath Studio Development Environment. A powerful, easy-to-use tool designed specifically to simplify software development on the TLV320AIC3xxx miniDSP audio platform. The Graphical Development Environment consists of a library of common audio functions that can be dragged-and-dropped into an audio signal flow and graphically connected together. The DSP code can then be assembled from the graphical signal flow with the click of a mouse.

The TLV320AIC3256EVM-U is operational with one USB cable connection to a PC. The USB connection provides power, control, and streaming audio data to the EVM for reduced setup and configuration.

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TLV320AIC3256 stereo audio codec.
  • USB connection to PC provides power, control, and streaming audio data for easy evaluation.
  • Analog input and output jacks.
  • Connection points for external control and digital audio signals for quick connection to other circuits/input devices.
TLV320AIC3256 具有 miniDSP 和 DirectPath™ 耳机放大器的极低功耗立体声编解码器



TLV320AIC3256EVM-U – TLV320AIC3256EVM-U Evaluation Module

数量限制: 1
支持软件 (Rev. A) – SLOC213A.ZIP (89399KB)


Audio Converter Firmware (TAS1020B) V0304 (Rev. B) – SLAC563B.ZIP (684KB)

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用户指南 TLV320AIC3256EVM-U Evaluation Module (Rev. B) 2012年 10月 25日
用户指南 TLV320AIC3256 Application Reference (Rev. A) 2012年 9月 5日


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