RVP-AM57x 开发套件
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This development kit enables synchronous acquisition of eight 1080p HD video streams with real-time vision processing and analytics. The SOM board features a TI AM57x processor and firmware with an optimized layout and BOM for fast transition to manufacturing. The customizable baseboard contains IO, power, an expansion interface, and more. We can provide cameras, sensor integration, algorithm development, and customization. Use this Development Kit to rapidly develop your Engineering Verification Test (EVT) unit.

Rapid development of your Engineering Verification Test (EVT) unit and fast transition to manufacturing. D3 Engineering's development services team will quickly customize this industry-proven platform as part of a development program to meet your unique requirements. We help you minimize technical and schedule risks in your new product development.

  • Connectivity - Ethernet, CAN bus, USB 3.0/2.0 and serial
  • ISS Cores - 2 with 2 CPUs
  • Package - Compact, rugged packaging for in-the-field testing


  • SOM board
  • Firmware
  • Customizable baseboard in rugged enclosure

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RVP-AM57x Development Kit

转至 D3 Engineering
ACTIVE 1   01 Mar 2018  

TI 器件 (10)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
AM5706  Sitara 处理器:成本经优化的 Arm Cortex-A15 和 DSP 以及安全引导  Sitara 处理器 
AM5708  Sitara 处理器:成本经优化的 Arm Cortex-A15 和 DSP、多媒体和安全引导  Sitara 处理器 
AM5716  Sitara 处理器:Arm Cortex-A15 和 DSP  Sitara 处理器 
AM5718  Sitara 处理器:Arm Cortex-A15 和 DSP、多媒体  Sitara 处理器 
AM5726  Sitara 处理器:双核 Arm Cortex-A15 和双核 DSP  Sitara 处理器 
AM5728  Sitara 处理器:双核 Arm Cortex-A15 和双核 DSP、多媒体  Sitara 处理器 
AM5746  Sitara 处理器:双核 arm Cortex-A15 和双核 DSP,支持 ECC 的 DDR 和安全引导  Sitara 处理器 
AM5748  Sitara 处理器:双核 arm Cortex-A15 和双核 DSP,多媒体、支持 ECC 的 DDR 和安全引导  Sitara 处理器 
AM5749  Sitara 处理器:双核 Arm Cortex-A15 和双核 DSP、多媒体、支持 ECC 的 DDR、安全引导、深度学习  Sitara 处理器 
DS90UB934-Q1  适用于 1MP/60fps 和 2MP/30fps 摄像机的 12 位 100MHz FPD-Link III 解串器  FPD-Link SerDes 

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D3 Engineering - DesignCore Am572x Development Kit Data Sheet 2018年 6月 5日



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