Cell chemistry Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Number of series cells 2-4 Cells Communication interface SMBus Battery capacity (Min) (mAh) 500 Battery capacity (Max) (mAh) 15000 Implementation Pack External capacity indication LED Features Coulomb Counter Operating temperature range (C) -20 to 85 Cell balancing Internal open-in-new 查找其它 电池电量计


TSSOP (DBT) 38 43 mm² 4.4 x 9.7 open-in-new 查找其它 电池电量计


  • Provides Accurate Measurement of Available Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries
  • Supports the Smart Battery Specification (SBS) V1.1
  • Integrated Time Base Removes Need for External Crystal with Optional Crystal input
  • Works With the TI bq29312 Analog Front-End (AFE) Protection IC to Provide Complete Pack Electronics for 7.2-V, 10.8-V or 14.4-V Battery Packs With Few External Components
  • Based on a Powerful Low-Power RISC CPU Core With High-Performance Peripherals
  • Integrated Flash Memory Eliminates the Need for External Configuration EEPROM
  • Uses 16-Bit Delta Sigma Converter for Accurate Voltage and Temperature Measurements
  • Measures Charge Flow Using a High Resolution 16-Bit Integrating Converter
    • Better Than 0.65-nVh of Resolution
    • Self-Calibrating
    • Offset Error Less Than 1-µV
  • Programmable Cell Modeling for Maximum Battery Fuel Gauge Accuracy
  • Drives 3-, 4-, or 5-Segment LED Display for Remaining Capacity Indication
  • Available in a 38-Pin TSSOP (DBT) Package
    • Notebook PCs
    • Medical and Test Equipment
    • Portable Instrumentation

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The bq2084-V143 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries. The bq2084-V143 monitors capacity and other critical parameters of the battery pack and reports the information to the system host controller over a serial communication bus. It is designed to work with the bq29312 AFE protection IC to maximize functionality and safety and minimize component count and cost in smart battery circuits. Using information from the bq2084-V143, the host controller can manage remaining battery power to extend the system run time as much as possible.

The bq2084-V143 uses an integrating converter with continuous sampling for the measurement of battery charge and discharge currents. Optimized for coulomb counting in portable applications, the self-calibrating integrating converter has a resolution better than 0.65-nVh and an offset measurement error of less than 1-µV (typical). For voltage and temperature reporting, the bq2084-V143 uses a 16-bit A-to-D converter. With the bq29312, the onboard ADC also monitors the pack and individual cell voltages in a battery pack and allows the bq2084-V143 to generate the control signals necessary to implement the cell balancing and the required safety protection for Li-ion and Li-polymer battery chemistries.

The bq2084-V143 supports the Smart Battery Data (SBData) commands and charge-control functions. It communicates data using the System Management Bus (SMBus) 2-wire protocol. The data available include the battery's remaining capacity, temperature, voltage, current, and remaining run-time predictions.

The bq2084-V143 provides LED drivers and a pushbutton input to depict remaining battery capacity from full to empty in 20%, 25%, or 33% increments with a 3-, 4-, or 5-segment display.

The bq2084-V143 contains 1k bytes of internal data flash memory, which store configuration information. The information includes nominal capacity and voltage, self-discharge rate, rate compensation factors, and other programmable cell-modeling factors used to accurately adjust remaining capacity for use-conditions based on time, rate, and temperature. The bq2084-V143 also automatically calibrates or learns the true battery capacity in the course of a discharge cycle from programmable near full to near empty levels.

The bq29312 analog front-end (AFE) protection IC is used to maximize functionality and safety and minimize component count and cost in smart battery circuits. The bq29312 AFE protection IC provides power to the bq2084-V143 from a 2-, 3-, or 4-series Li-ion cell stack, eliminating the need for an external regulator circuit.

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GPCCEDV Gauging Parameter Calculator (GPC) is a math calculation and simulation tool that helps the battery designer to obtain matching Compensated End of Discharge Voltage (CEDV) coefficients for the specific battery profile. The tool allows the user to increase the accuracy of the fuel gauge IC over (...)
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用于 Windows 的 bq2084 评估软件
EV2300-084 The Evaluation Software (EVSW) is a Windows application that works in conjunction with the bq2084 Evaluation Module (EVM). Also required, is the EV2300 USB interface board. This program provides a comprensive set of tools to allow easy evaluation of the bq2084 advanced gas gauge.
  • Runs on Windows XP/2000/98/ME
  • SBS registers may be selectively scanned and logged
  • Data Flash constants may be edited on screen and saved to a file
  • Calibration screen provides fast and accurate calibration


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document-generic 用户指南

步骤 1.


此操作将产生一个打包的 zip 文件。

适用于补偿放电终点电压 (CEDV)

  1. 下载适用于多节串联电池组的说明书
  2. 下载可创建 zip 文件以供上传的数据打包工具 (bqStudio)

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上传 zip 文件

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监测参数计算器 (GPC) 是一种数学计算和仿真工具,可帮助电池设计人员获取针对特定电池信息的匹配补偿放电终点电压 (CEDV) 系数。利用该工具,用户可以提高过热电量监测计 IC 的准确度。

电池组必须使用一个基于 TI CEDV 算法的电量监测计。该工具接受 3 对可使用 TI Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) 软件以及通过 USB 连接的 CEDV 评估板创建的日志文件。需要外部设备,以进行充电和放电。为了准确进行计算,还需要设置电池组的其他参数。输出信息将作为包含 CEDV 系数的文本文件通过电子邮件发送。可以将该数据编程到数据闪存中,以创建可以在电池组的大规模生产中使用的黄金映像。

需要 EV2300 或 EV2400 PC 接口板以便与电量监测计连接,且需要 PC USB 电缆以便与 PC 进行通信。两者都可通过 http://power.ti.com (...)

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SLUC042.ZIP (1031 KB)


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TSSOP (DBT) 38 了解详情


  • RoHS
  • 器件标识
  • 引脚镀层/焊球材料
  • MSL 等级/回流焊峰值温度
  • MTBF/FIT 估算
  • 材料成分
  • 认证摘要
  • 持续可靠性监测


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