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Zigbee 3.0 combines multiple previous Zigbee profiles into one unified standard

  • Incorporates the unified Zigbee Cluster Library which is at the foundation of dotdot, the universal language for IoT applications defining data objects, models and functionalities for embedded IoT applications
  • Implements Zigbee Base Device Behavior specification, which defines a common set of mechanisms for network forming, discovering, and application provisioning to be used by all Zigbee devices
  • Based on Zigbee PRO 2015 specification or later, it provides new and improved security modes, including Install Codes for out-of-band key exchange, and Distributed Security Networks for Coordinator-less network topology
  • Supports Green Power Proxy, allowing energy-harvesting and ultra-low power devices to connect seamlessly to a Zigbee network
  • Forwards and backwards compatibility with previous Zigbee PRO and application profiles is maintained

SimpleLink SDK Zigbee Stack (Z-Stack)

Z-Stack is a component of the SimpleLink™ CC13x2 / CC26x2 Software Development Kit. This component enables development of Zigbee® 3.0 specification based products. Z-Stack is TI’s complete solution for developing certified Zigbee 3.0 solution on CC13x2 and CC26x2 platforms. Z-Stack contained in this release is based on Zigbee 3.0 specification with the added benefit of running on top of TI-RTOS.

  • Zigbee certified stack – Z-Stack Core v1.0.0.0
    • Zigbee PRO 2017 (R22)
    • Green Power Proxy v1.1.1
  • Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) 7 integration
  • Standalone Home Automation sample applications to jump start development
  • Generic example application to start creating custom Zigbee 3.0 certifiable products
  • Green Power Device (GPD) and Sink (GPS) examples for battery-less devices
  • Integrated User Interface or Zigbee network processor (ZNP) dual-device configurations
  • Secure Over-the-Air Download (OAD) firmware upgrade support and Over-the-Air Update (OTA) examples for updating Zigbee device firmware wirelessly
  • Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) Integration - BLE + Zigbee coexistence examples included in the SDK
  • Full integration with TI-RTOS for real-time scheduling, automatic power management and utilizing peripheral device drivers
  • Free code development option with Code Composer Studio™ (CCS)
  • Compatible with TI's Zigbee 3.0 Linux Gateway, a reference implementation of an Ethernet-to-Zigbee gateway using a Linux-based platform as host processor, that makes it easy to integrate applications on top of an IP-based interface which abstracts Zigbee protocol functionality to the users.

CC253x Z-Stack 3.0.2

Z-Stack 3.0.2 is TI's Zigbee 3.0 certified protocol suite for the CC2530 and CC2538 SimpleLink Wireless MCU.

  • Zigbee PRO 2015 (R21) certified stack (Z-Stack Core v2.7.2)
  • Supports the CC2592 and CC2590 RF front ends which extend up to +22dBm and +14dBm transmit power, respectively, and provide improved receiver sensitivity

Workspace Features

Integrated Development Environments:

Z-Stack is developed and tested using compilers from IAR and CCS. IAR versions used in Z-Stack are available to TI customers for 30 days evaluation at the following link: http://www.iar.com/Products/Wireless-solutions/Tools-for-TI-wireless/.CCS versions are provided for free.

Application, library, and hex files were built/tested with the following versions of IAR/CCS tools. We recommend using the same IDE tool version.

  • SimpleLink SDK Z-Stack
    • Please refer to the top-level SimpleLink CC13x2 / CC26x2 SDK release notes
  • CC253x Z-Stack 3.0.2
    • EWARM 8.22.1 for CC2538 Wireless MCU
    • EW8051 10.20.1 for CC2530 and CC2531 Wireless MCU

Please contact your local IAR office for further details on license purchasing.

Protocol Analyzers

Texas Instruments is collaborating with Ubilogix to provide an advanced protocol analyzer for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee. Ubilogix Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer supports TI’s CC2531EMK as well as the LAUNCHXL-CC1352P, LAUNCHXL-CC1352R, and LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1. The Ubiqua is a full featured analyzer that supports IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee 2007, ZigBee 2007 PRO, ZigBee RF4CE and 6LoWPAN protocols. Ubiqua can import TI's SmartRF Packet Sniffer capture files.

SmartRF Packet Sniffer 2 can also capture and display over-the-air packets using the LAUNCHXL-CC1352P, LAUNCHXL-CC1352R, or LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 with the Wireshark dissector.

Archived Releases

TI recommends using the newest release in order to take advantages of all improvements and new features. Previous Z-Stack releases can be found here .

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Z-STACK-3.0.2 Z-STACK 3.0.2



Thread 产品
CC2538 具有 512kB 闪存和 32kB RAM 的 32 位 Arm Cortex-M3 Zigbee 和 6LoWPAN、IEEE 802.15.4 无线 MCU
Zigbee 产品
CC2530 具有 256kB 闪存和 8kB RAM 的 Zigbee 和 IEEE 802.15.4 无线 MCU CC2531 具有高达 256kB 闪存和 8kB RAM 的 Zigbee 和 IEEE 802.15.4 无线 MCU
LAUNCHXL-CC1352P CC1352P SimpleLink™ 多频带无线 MCU LaunchPad™ 开发套件 LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 CC26x2R SimpleLink™ 多标准无线 MCU LaunchPad™ 开发套件
CC2538DK CC2538 开发套件


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CCSTUDIO Code Composer Studio™ 集成式开发环境 (IDE)
FLASH-PROGRAMMER SmartRF Flash Programmer UNIFLASH UniFlash 闪存编程工具


PACKET-SNIFFER SmartRF 协议软件包监听器 SMARTRFTM-STUDIO SmartRF Studio Download


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