e-con Systems NeduCAM camera modules based on FPD-Link III serializers




NeduCAM is a product family of camera modules based combining various image sensors with an FPD-Link III serializer for supporting multiple remotely located cameras through serial connections to a host processor. 

NeduCAMxx products are the camera module only, which is a fully-assembled 2-board stack-up consisting of a sensor board and a serializer board.

NeduCAMxx-CUTDA4 are starter kits developed to support the non-standard 40-pin CSI connector on the SK-TDA4 evaluation module for TDA4VM, which include a 4-channel deserializer adapter board, a 15-m coaxial cable assembly with FAKRA connectors on both ends, and a single NeduCAMxx camera module to begin evaluating the end-to-end system from image sensor to applications processor.  

In addition to SK-TDA4VM, the NeduCAMxx-CUTDA4 evaluation kits are also compatible with SK-AM68, SK-AM69, and other starter kit EVMs using the same 40-pin connector for high bandwidth vision processing.

  • 30 mm x 30 mm PCB size (camera module stack-up), 65 mm x 67 mm (deserializer)
  • Industry-standard FAKRA connectors, 15-m cable assembly provided in CUTDA4 kit
  • FPD-Link serial data and power over a single coaxial cable
  • Bare PCBs, fully assembled, M12 mount with appropriate lens installed
  • Power supplied through coaxial cable plugged into FAKRA connector
  • Various camera sensors for different applications
  • V4L2 Linux driver, gstreamer supported by e-con Systems
FPD-Link 串行器/解串器
DS90UB953-Q1 适用于 2MP/60fps 摄像机与雷达的 2MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III 串行器 DS90UB960-Q1 配备双路 CSI-2 输出端口的四路 2MP 摄像头集线器 FPD-Link III 解串器


V3Link 串行器/解串器
TDES960 适用于高速传感器的 4.16Gbps MIPI® CSI-2 V³Link 解串器四路集线器 TSER953 适用于高速传感器的 4.16Gbps MIPI® CSI-2 V³Link 串行器
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照片提供方为 e-con Systems Inc.



NEDUCAM25 — AR0234 2.3-MP global shutter camera module with serializer, FAKRA connector


NEDUCAM25-CUTDA4 — NeduCAM25 evaluation kit with 4-channel deserializer board for SK-TDA4VM


NEDUCAM81-CUTDA4 — NeduCAM81 evaluation kit with 4-channel deserializer board for SK-TDA4VM

应遵守 TI 的评估模块标准条款与条件.



SK-AM68 适用于视觉 AI 和通用处理器的 AM68 和 AM68A 入门套件 SK-AM69 适用于视觉 AI 和通用处理器的 AM69 和 AM69A 入门套件 SK-TDA4VM TDA4VM Edge AI 视觉系统处理器入门套件


TI 不会为此硬件提供持续且直接的设计支持。要在设计期间获得支持,请联系 e-con Systems Inc..



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