e-con Systems Inc.

OEM camera design and manufacturing, ISP tuning, embedded imaging solutions

For 20+ years, e-con Systems has been designing, developing and manufacturing custom and off-the-shelf camera solutions. The company has since helped give vision to robotics, autonomous machines, drones, and so forth, revolutionizing markets like agriculture, industrial, medical, retail, smart city, sports broadcasting and more. e-con Systems stands as a pioneer in the embedded vision space, consistently building camera solutions that fit unique customer requirements.

Their wide portfolio includes MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, FPD link III cameras, GigE cameras, stereo cameras and more, with features like low-light performance, HDR, global shutter, IP66 & IP67 ratings, and so forth. e-con cameras can be readily integrated with our Arm-based processors, providing a complete vision solution for edge AI vision systems.

e-con Systems has deep expertise in building tailored product designs while ensuring rapid prototyping and custom modifications in camera hardware and software. These include form factor modifications, ISP tuning, carrier board development and lens calibration. The company also provides fast shipping so that customers can take products to the market much faster.

FPD-Link 串行器/解串器
DS90UB953-Q1 适用于 2MP/60fps 摄像机与雷达的 2MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III 串行器 DS90UB960-Q1 配备双路 CSI-2 输出端口的四路 2MP 摄像头集线器 FPD-Link III 解串器


V3Link 串行器/解串器
TDES960 适用于高速传感器的 4.16Gbps MIPI® CSI-2 V³Link 解串器四路集线器 TSER953 适用于高速传感器的 4.16Gbps MIPI® CSI-2 V³Link 串行器
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ECON-3P-ECAM — e-con Systems e-CAM camera module evaluation kits with FFC connector

The e-CAMxx_CUTDA4 is family of camera module evaluation kits from e-con Systems that is compatible with the SK-TDA4VM starter kit evaluation module (EVM). This embedded camera solution is designed with an aim to provide a complete vision solution for product developers building edge AI embedded (...)


ECON-3P-NEDUCAM — e-con Systems NeduCAM camera modules based on FPD-Link III serializers

NeduCAM is a product family of camera modules based combining various image sensors with an FPD-Link III serializer for supporting multiple remotely located cameras through serial connections to a host processor. 

NeduCAMxx products are the camera module only, which is a fully-assembled 2-board (...)


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