系统端单节 Impedance Track™ 技术评估模块




This evaluation module (BQ27510EVM) is a complete evaluation system for the bq27510. The EVM includes one bq27510 circuit module, a current sense resistor, and one thermistor. The circuit module includes one bq27510 integrated circuit and all other onboard components necessary to monitor and predict capacity for a system-side fuel gauge solution. The circuit module connects directly across the battery pack. With the EV2300 interface board and software, the user can read the bq27510 data registers, program the chipset for different pack configurations, log cycling data for further evaluation, and evaluate the overall functionality of the bq27510 solution under different charge and discharge conditions. An EV2300 board is required to interface this EVM with the PC and can be purchased separately.

  • Complete evaluation system for the bq27510 gas gauge with Impedance Track™ technology
  • Populated circuit module for quick setup
  • Software that allows data logging for system analysis
  • bq27510 circuit module (HPA329)

  • Set of support documentation

  • NTC103AT thermistor

BQ27510 具有集成 LDO 的系统侧 Impedance Track™ 电量监测计 BQ27510-G1 系统侧 Impedance-Track 电量监测计,可提供 96 字节的用户可编程数据闪存 BQ27510-G2 系统侧 Impedance-Track 电量监测计,可提供 64 字节的用户可编程数据闪存 BQ27510-G3 系统侧 Impedance-Track 电量监测计,可提供 32 字节的用户可编程数据闪存
Important note
This EVM requires the use of a communications transceiver, the EV2300. If one is not already available to you then one can be ordered through the eStore. The EVM bundled with the EV2300 is available at a discounted price for a limited time at the eStore.



BQ27510EVM – System-Side Single-Cell Impedance Track™ Technology Evaluation Module Battery Fuel Gauge Integated


bq27510-G2 Firmware Image (SENC V1.23) – SLUC225.ZIP (47KB)


bq27510-G3 Firmware Image (SENC V4.00) – SLUC442.ZIP (47KB)


bq27510-G3 Firmware Image (SREC V4.00) – SLUC621.ZIP (51KB)


bqEVSW installer for all bq275xx devices (Rev. C) – SLUC367C.ZIP (63861KB)

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