低电压单路 FET 总线开关




Configuration 1:1 SPST Number of channels (#) 1 Ron (Typ) (Ohms) 5 ON-state leakage current (Max) (µA) 1 Bandwidth (MHz) 200 Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 Features Powered-off protection Input/output continuous current (Max) (mA) 128 Rating Catalog open-in-new 查找其它 模拟开关/多路复用器


SOT-23 (DBV) 5 5 mm² 2.9 x 1.6 SOT-SC70 (DCK) 5 4 mm² 2 x 2.1 open-in-new 查找其它 模拟开关/多路复用器


  • 5– Switch Connection Between Two Ports
  • Rail–to–Rail Switching on Data I/O Ports
  • Ioff Supports Partial–Power–Down Mode Operation

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The SN74CBTLV1G125 features a single high–speed line switch. The switch is disabled when the output–enable (OE) input is high.

This device is fully specified for partial–power–down applications using Ioff. The Ioff feature ensures that damaging current will not backflow through the device when it is powered down. The device has isolation during power off.

To ensure the high–impedance state during power up or power down, OE should be tied to VCC through a pullup resistor; the minimum value of the resistor is determined by the current–sinking capability of the driver.

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DIP 适配器评估模块
document-generic 用户指南

Speed up your op amp prototyping and testing with the DIP-Adapter-EVM, which provides a fast, easy and inexpensive way to interface with small, surface-mount ICs. You can connect any supported op amp using the included Samtec terminal strips or wire them directly to existing circuits.

The (...)

  • Simplifies prototyping of SMT IC’s
  • Supports 6 common package types
  • Low Cost
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J6Entry、RSP 和 TDA2E-17 CPU 板 EVM 是一种评估平台,用于加快信息娱乐系统、可重新配置的数字群集或集成数字化驾驶舱以及 ADAS 应用的开发速度,并缩短其上市时间。CPU 板集成了并行摄像头接口、CAN、千兆位以太网、FPD-Link、USB3.0 和 HDMI 等主要外设。
  • 2GB DDR3L
  • LP8733/LP8732 电源解决方案
  • 板载 eMMC、NAND、NOR
  • USB3、USB2、PCIe、以太网、COM8Q、CAN、MLB、MicroSD 和 HDMI 连接器
评估板 下载

J6Entry/RSP EVM 是一种评估平台,用于加快信息娱乐系统、可重新配置的数字群集或集成数字化驾驶舱等应用的开发速度,并缩短其上市时间。

主 CPU 板集成了以太网或 HDMI 等主要外设,而信息娱乐应用子板 (JAMR3) 和 LCD/TS 子板将补充 CPU 板,从而提供完整的系统以快速开始评估和应用开发。

  • 具有电容式触控功能的 10.1" 显示
  • JAMR3 无线电调谐器应用板
  • 2GB DDR3L
  • LP8733/LP8732 电源解决方案
  • 板载 eMMC、NAND、NOR
  • USB3、USB2、PCIe、以太网、COM8Q、CAN、MLB、MicroSD 和 HDMI 连接器
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document-generic 用户指南
To get started:

Step 1: Hardware
Order TAS2563YBGEVM-DC evaluation boardTAS2563 motherboardPP-SALB2-EVM learning board

Step 2: Software
Request PurePath Console 3 (PPC3) control GUI, be sure to indicate you are working with the TAS2563YBGEVM-DC

Step 3: Training
Review training video for speaker (...)
  • TAS2563 Digital input mono class-D audio amplifier with speaker IV sense and intergrated DSP
  • Mono or stereo evaluation
  • USB input
  • Compatible with Smart Amp characterization board
  • Interface using PurePath Console 3 Windows software
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document-generic 用户指南
借助 DM38x 数字视频评估模块 (DVEVM),开发人员可立即开始评估 DM38x 数字媒体处理器,并开始构建数字视频应用,例如 IP 安全摄像头、运动摄像头、无人机、可视门铃、车用数字录像机和其他数字视频产品。此数字视频评估模块 (DVEVM) 支持开发人员编写适用于 ARM 的生产就绪型应用代码,并通过 API 访问 HDVICP 协处理器内核,适用于 DM385、DM388 和 DM389 数字媒体处理器。
  • 基于 DM388 数字媒体处理器的开发板(带有 2Gb DDR3)
  • 通过组件 I/O 进行视频采集和 NTSC 或 PAL 信号输出
  • HDMI 视频输出
  • CSI2 和并行摄像头输入
  • PCIe、SATA 2x、以太网 2x、USB x2、音频、SD 卡槽


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SCDJ015.ZIP (35 KB) - HSpice Model
仿真模型 下载
SCDM072.ZIP (24 KB) - IBIS Model


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SC70 (DCK) 5 了解详情
SOT-23 (DBV) 5 了解详情



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