PowerWise 升压、超低 EMI、单声道、E2S D 类音频功率放大器




Audio input type Analog Input Architecture Class-D Boosted Speaker channels (Max) Mono Power stage supply (Max) (V) 5.5 Power stage supply (Min) (V) 2.3 Load (Min) (ohms) 4 Output power (W) 2.7 SNR (dB) 97 THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) 0.03 Iq (Typ) (mA) 14.5 Control interface GPIO Closed/open loop Closed Analog supply (Min) (V) 2.3 Analog supply (Max) (V) 5.5 PSRR (dB) 90 Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 open-in-new 查找其它 扬声器放大器


DSBGA (YZR) 16 6 mm² 2.4 x 2.45 open-in-new 查找其它 扬声器放大器


  • E 2S System Reduces EMI while Preserving Audio Quality and Efficiency
  • Integrated Boost Converter
  • Supply Voltage Level Detection on Boost Converter
  • Low Power Shutdown Mode
  • "Click and Pop" suppression

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    Part of National’s PowerWise family or products, the LM48512 delivers 1.8W into 8Ω, while consuming 14.5mA of quiescent current. The LM48512 also features National’s Enhanced Emissions Suppression (E 2S) system, a patented, ultra low EMI PWM architecture that significantly reduces RF emissions while preserving audio quality and efficiency. LM48512 improves battery life, reduces external component count, board area consumption, system cost, and simplifies design.

    The LM48512 is designed to meet the demands of portable multimedia devices. The LM48512 features high efficiency compared to other boosted amplifiers and low EMI Class D amplifiers. The LM48512 is capable of driving an 8Ω speaker to 5.5V levels (1.8W) from a 3.6V supply while operating at 82% efficiency. Flexible power supply requirements allow operation from 2.3V to 5.5V. The E 2S system features a patented edge rate control (ERC) architecture that further reduces emissions by minimizing the high frequency component of the device output, while maintaining high quality audio reproduction (THD+N = 0.03%) and high efficiency. A low power shutdown mode reduces supply current consumption to 0.04μA.

    The LM48512 features a battery-saving automatic gain control (AGC). The AGC detects the battery voltage and reduces the gain of the amplifier to limit the output as the battery voltage decreases.

    Superior click and pop suppression eliminates audible transients on power-up/down and during shutdown.

    Key Specifications

    Power Output at VDD = 3.6V   RL = 8Ω, THD+N 1% 1.8W (typ)
    Efficiency at 3.6V, 800mW into 8Ω 82% (typ)
    Quiescent Power Supply Current   at 3.6V 14.5mA
    Shutdown current 0.04μA (typ)

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    * 数据表 PowerWise Boosted, Ultra Lo-EMI, Mono, E2S Class D Audio Pwr Amp 数据表 2012年 4月 9日
    应用手册 Guidelines for Measuring Audio Power Amplifier Performance 2019年 8月 26日
    应用手册 AN-1849 An Audio Amplifier Power Supply Design 2019年 6月 27日




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    COEFFICIENT-CALC COEFFICIENT-CALC (TIBQ) 可以计算 TI 音频编解码器中实施的数字滤波器双二阶传输函数的系数。通过选择滤波器类型并在显示传输函数增益和相位图的窗口中移动控制点,可以对数字滤波器的特性进行调节。

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