37-V, 3.5-A brushed DC motor driver




Number of full bridges 1 Vs (Min) (V) 4.5 Vs (Max) (V) 37 RDS(ON) (HS + LS) (mOhms) 700 Control mode Independent 1/2-Bridge, PWM Control interface Hardware (GPIO) Approx. price (US$) 0.61 | 1ku Rating Catalog open-in-new 查找其它 刷式直流电机驱动器


HTSSOP (PWP) 16 32 mm² 5 x 6.4 open-in-new 查找其它 刷式直流电机驱动器


  • N-channel H-bridge motor driver
    • Drives one bidirectional brushed DC motor
    • Two unidirectional brushed DC motors
    • Other resistive and inductive loads
  • 4.5-V to 37-V operating supply voltage range
  • High output current capability: 3.5-A Peak
  • Selectable input control modes (PMODE)
    • PH/EN and PWM H-bridge control modes
    • Independent half-bridge control mode
  • Supports 1.8-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V logic inputs
  • Ultra low-power sleep mode
    • <1-µA @ VVM = 24-V, TJ = 25°C
  • Spread spectrum clocking for low electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Integrated protection features
    • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
    • Charge pump undervoltage (CPUV)
    • Overcurrent protection (OCP)
      • Automatic retry or outputs latched off (IMODE)
    • Thermal shutdown (TSD)
    • Automatic fault recovery
    • Fault indicator pin (nFAULT)

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The DRV887x family of devices are flexible motor drivers for a wide variety of applications. The devices integrate an N-channel H-bridge, charge pump regulator, and protection circuitry. The charge pump improves efficiency by allowing for both high-side and low-side N-channels MOSFETs and 100% duty cycle support. The family of devices come in pin-to-pin, scalable RDS(on) options to support different loads with minimal design changes.

A low-power sleep mode is provided to achieve ultra-low quiescent current draw by shutting down most of the internal circuitry. Internal protection features are provided for supply undervoltage lockout (UVLO), charge pump undervoltage (CPUV), output overcurrent (OCP), and device overtemperature (TSD). Fault conditions are indicated on nFAULT.

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document-generic 用户指南

DRV8876 评估模块 (EVM) 可轻松评估 DRV8876 器件。  DRV8876 器件是一款集成式 H 桥驱动器,适用于刷式直流和电磁阀应用。使用此评估模块,可以将器件配置为 PWM、相位/使能端或独立半桥控制模式。板载 MSP430FR2100 可以为 DRV8876EVM 的输入引脚提供 PWM 信号。PWM 信号的占空比由板载电位器设置。

有关该评估模块的更多信息,请参阅《DRV8876EVM 用户指南》。

  • 4.5V 至 37V 工作电压范围
  • 3.5A 峰值电流
  • 可配置的控制模式,包括 PH/EN、PWM 和独立半桥
  • 集成式电流感应和电流调节


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