Autonomous driving solution provider

We are committed to developing breakthrough artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions to push beyond the frontier of possibilities today and significantly improve people’s quality of life. We leverage our AI capabilities to develop autonomous driving solutions to enhance safety, convenience, and efficiency of mobility.

We have pioneered a unique scalable path toward full autonomous driving by combining a data-driven approach with iterating algorithms – referred to as our “flywheel approach” - as well as a “two-leg” product strategy focusing on both Mpilot, our mass-production-ready highly autonomous driving solutions, and MSD (Momenta Self-Driving), our driving solution targeting full autonomy.

基于 Arm 的处理器
TDA2HG 适用于 ADAS 应用且具有图形、视频和视觉加速功能的 SoC 处理器 TDA2HV 适用于 ADAS 应用且具有视频和视觉加速功能的 SoC 处理器 TDA2LF 适用于 ADAS 应用的 SoC 处理器 TDA2SG 适用于 ADAS 应用且具有高级图形、视频和视觉加速功能的 SoC 处理器 TDA2SX 适用于 ADAS 应用且具有完备图形、视频和视觉加速功能的 SoC 处理器 TDA4VM 具有深度学习、视觉功能和多媒体加速器的双核 Arm® Cortex®-A72 SoC 和 C7x DSP TDA4VM-Q1 适用于 L2、L3 和近场分析系统且采用深度学习的汽车片上系统
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MOMENTA-3P-DL-ALGORITHMS — Third party folder page for Momenta Deep Learning Algorithms for ADAS

Momenta’s deep learning based algorithms for ADAS applications make full use of the DSP cores and accelerators on TDA4x for neural network processing. Designed to achieve market leading computational and power efficiency, Momenta’s algorithms offer an array of pre- and post-imaging (...)


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