SLVAFB4 July   2022 TPS62903


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Inverting Buck – Boost Topology
    1. 1.1 Concept
    2. 1.2 Output Current Calculations
    3. 1.3 VIN and VOUT Range
  4. 2Digital Pin Configurations
    1. 2.1 Enable Pin
    2. 2.2 MODE/S-CONF Pin
    3. 2.3 Power Good Pin
  5. 3Design Considerations
    1. 3.1 Input Capacitor Selection
    2. 3.2 Output Inductor Selection
    3. 3.3 Stability Limits and Output Capacitor Selection
  6. 4Typical Performance and Waveforms
  7. 5Conclusion
  8. 6References


The need to generate negative rail for electronic designs is a challenge engineers face everyday. This application note illustrates how to design an inverting buck – boost using the highly efficient TPS62903. This application report details component selection criteria and equations, so that designers can appropriately scale the solution to their own requirements. The document also includes a design example along with captured waveforms. The same design is applicable to the TPS62901, TPS62902, and TPS6290x-Q1.