SCLA038 October   2020 SN74ALVCH162827 , SN74HCS244-Q1 , SN74LVC1G125-Q1 , SN74LVC1G34


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When a CMOS driver sends a signal over a relatively long transmission line, there is typically a great deal of ringing at the destination due to impedance mismatches and transmission line effects. Adding a series resistor near the transmitter can significantly improve the signal integrity at the distant end without the need for an impedance matching termination.

GUID-20200921-CA0I-N19C-6G3D-MVBX3SZRF4TG-low.gifExample System Diagram With Damping Resistor (Rd)
GUID-20200717-CA0I-TNMJ-FJNH-4NJBJFQQ4FVM-low.gifSimulated Signal Received From an HCS Family Logic Buffer With Series-Damping Resistor