I2C 电平转换器、缓冲器和集线器


我们的 I2C 电平转换器、缓冲器和集线器可增强您的 I2C 总线信号,并防止总线电容负载过重。这些产品还有助于解决电压电平不匹配问题,因为设计人员可以通过添加电平转换器来使用先进的外设,使主机和器件可以实现不同的电压电平。
TCA39416 新产品

具有上升时间加速器的超低电压 I3C 转换器

价格约为 (USD) 1ku | 0.27

TCA39306-Q1 新产品

汽车类 FM+ I²C 总线和 SMBus 电压转换器

价格约为 (USD) 1ku | 0.35

What makes our I2C level shifters, buffers and hubs different?


Diverse portfolio of solutions

Diverse features such as rise time accelerators, stuck bus recovery and internal current sources allow you to find a solution for any application while meeting I2C requirements.


Innovative solutions

Continuous improvement and new solutions that allow for faster data rate (up to 12.5 MHz) and small packages (X2SON) that allow for you to design innovative solutions.


Cost-effective and reliable

Our IxC devices meet l2C and I3C standards and are designed to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.