HDMI、DisplayPort 和 MIPI IC

Improve signal integrity for high-resolution video and images

Our portfolio of retimers, redrivers and multiplexers for HDMI®, DisplayPort™ and MIPI® protocols enable flexible signal routing and better signal integrity to drive extended trace and cable length in video, camera and display interfaces. We support the latest standards for HDMI and DisplayPort to provide scalable solutions for a wide range of applications.


Redrivers & equalizers

Power-efficient devices designed to compensate for channel loss and intersymbol interference (ISI), enabling extended signal range


High-performance devices remove jitter and random noise from high-loss channels, enabling better signal quality


Passive and active muxes preserve and improve signal quality while routing the signal to the desired endpoint

MIPI CSI/DSI bridges

Low-power devices convert video stream data from CSI or DSI processor outputs to LVDS or eDP display panels, offering up to 2k resolution with a small footprint

DVI transceivers

End-to-end TMDS DVI video solutions transmit and receive data with or without integrated HDCP, and are available in catalog or automotive-qualified versions supporting resolutions up to 1080p

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Display power

LCD and AMOLED display-power solutions that enable state-of-the-art display designs with high efficiency, small size and best-in-class picture quality

Display backlighting

Backlighting solutions that support ultra-high efficiency with high power delivery to help you create vibrant edge-lit and direct-lit TFT displays

Featured HDMI, DisplayPort & MIPI ICs



DSI 调谐器视频配置工具可生成所需的视频时序和配置寄存器值,从而使用 SN65DSI8x DSI 转 LVDS 桥接器件,将 DSI 数据传输到 LVDS 面板。时序和寄存器值是根据该工具中提供的输入字段内输入的值来计算的。

评估模块 (EVM) 用 GUI

德州仪器 (TI) SigCon Architect 实用工具提供了一种简单易用且功能强大的系统,可与多种不同高速信号调节 TI 器件进行交互。此软件为受支持的器件提供了一种交互式 GUI,以便通过 SMBus 和 SPI 通信接口来访问器件特性。

SigCon Architect 是一种基于 LabView 的 GUI,为保证正常运行,需要预先安装 LabView 运行时引擎 (RTE)。请从以下安装选项中进行选择:

SigCon Architect Installer(未嵌入运行时引擎):

  • 适用于已安装 LabView RTE 的用户
  • 适用于没有 LabView RTE (...)
HDMI 2.0 ESD 保护参考设计

该参考设计旨在展示保护 HDMI 2.0 驱动器和重定时器的 TMDS 线免受静电放电 (ESD) 影响的两种不同方法。HDMI 标准用于从机顶盒到笔记本电脑再到电视的许多应用。鉴于这些端口几乎一直都暴露在外,所以比较容易发生 ESD 情况。高速 HDMI 2.0 信号意味着驱动器无法在 IC 中采取有效的 ESD 保护,因此需要安装独立的 ESD 保护设备。HDMI 驱动器通常还极为敏感,这意味着必须要采用超低钳位的 ESD 保护。该设计要符合两种设置的初始 HDMI 2.0 合规数据:每个电路板上进行的 ESD 测试和测试后的最终 HDMI 2.0 合规数据。如需更多有关保护 HDMI (...)


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