ADC 低失真不平衡变压器板




One ADC-LD-BB board is included in the hardware kit with the GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) reference boards. Since the analog inputs to the ADC1xDxx00RB are differential and most signal sources are single ended, these balun boards are generally used to achieve single-ended-to-differential conversion. In case both I- and Q- inputs are simultaneously driven with a similar signal, an additional balun board of the same type may be desired.

Incidentally, this balun board may also be used to do differential-to-single-ended conversion. For example, this balun board may be used when observing the DCLK± or RCOut± signal on a single-ended scope when exploring the autosync feature on the GSPS ADC reference boards.

ADC-LD-BB uses the B0430J50100AHF from Anaren®, which is designed for high performance and low cost. Since the input impedance of the GSPS ADCs are 100 Ω and the impedance of most signal generators are 50 Ω, its 1:2 impedance ratio is very convenient. The 10-pF capacitor at the input is recommended by Anaren for best performance. This balun is also a very good choice for driving the GSPS ADC sampling clock (CLK±).

  • Balun: B0430J50100AHF
  • Balun manufacturer: Anaren
  • Frequency range: 400 MHz, 3 GHz
  • Impedance ratio: 1:2
  • Multilayer construction, low insertion loss, low distortion
高速 ADC (≥10MSPS)
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ADC-LD-BB/NOPB — ADC 低失真不平衡变压器板

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* 用户指南 ADC-WB-BB / ADC-LD-BB User’s Guide 2012年 5月 7日
证书 ADC-LD-BB/NOPB EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日



ADC12D1600RB 12 位双路 1.6/1.8 GSPS 或单路 3.2/3.6 GSPS A/D 转换器参考板


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