Function Equalizer Power consumption (mW) 140 Data rate (Max) (Gbps) 2.97 Control interface Pin, SPI Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 open-in-new 查找其它 串行数字接口 (SDI) IC


WQFN (RTW) 24 16 mm² 4 x 4 open-in-new 查找其它 串行数字接口 (SDI) IC


  • ST 424, ST 292, ST 344, ST 259, and DVB-ASI Compliant(1)
  • Equalized Cable Lengths (Belden 1694A): 200 Meters at 2.97 Gbps, 220 Meters at 1.485 Gbps, and 400 Meters at 270 Mbps
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption: 140 mW (Dual Outputs), 115 mW (Single Output)
  • Dual Differential Outputs; Second Output Can Be Independently Powered Down
  • Power-Save Mode With Auto Sleep Control (17-mW Typical Power Consumption in Power-Save Mode)
  • Designed for Crosstalk Immunity
  • Output De-Emphasis to Compensate for FR4 Board Trace Losses
  • Digital and Analog Programmable MUTEREF Threshold
  • Optional SPI Register Access and Pin Mode Operation
  • Input Data Rates: 125 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
  • Internally Terminated 100-Ω LVDS Outputs With Programmable Output Common-Mode Voltage and Swing
  • Programmable Launch Amplitude Optimization
  • Cable Length Indicator
  • Single 2.5-V Supply Operation
  • 24-Pin WQFN Package
  • Industrial Temperature Range: −40°C to +85°C
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The LMH0395 3-Gbps HD/SD SDI Dual Output Low Power Extended Reach Adaptive Cable Equalizer is designed to equalize data transmitted over cable (or any media with similar dispersive loss characteristics). The equalizer operates over a wide range of data rates from 125 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps and supports ST 424, ST 292, ST 344, ST 259, and DVB-ASI standards.

The LMH0395 device provides extended cable reach with improved immunity to crosstalk and ultra low power consumption. The equalizer includes active sensing circuitry that ensures robust performance and enhanced immunity to variations in the input signal launch amplitude. The LMH0395 offers power management to further reduce power consumption when no input signal is present.

The LMH0395 has two differential serial data outputs, increasing flexibility and eliminating the need for a fanout buffer on the output in many applications. The outputs may be independently enabled and controlled. The output drivers offer programmable de-emphasis for up to 40 inches of FR4 trace losses. The LMH0395 supports two modes of operation. In pin mode, the LMH0395 operates with control pins to set its operating state. In SPI mode, an optional SPI serial interface can be used to access and configure multiple LMH0395 devices in a daisy-chain configuration.

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用于评估模块 (EVM) 的 GUI 下载
document-generic 用户指南

The SD3GDAIII is a kit containing an evaluation board which is functionally an SDI Distribution Amplifier consisting of the LMH0395 cable equalizer, LMH0376 reclocker, and LMH0307 cable driver. It provides a serial interface for connection to a host computer along with a graphical user interface (...)

  • Single input, four output Distribution Amplifier
  • Low power consumption, with automatic power down when no input signal is provided
  • Ability to estimate input cable length
  • Adjustable output signal amplitude and DC offset
  • Selectable board trace length between equalizer and reclocker
  • GUI allows user to (...)


仿真工具 下载
PSPICE® for TI design and simulation tool
PSPICE-FOR-TI — PSpice® for TI 可提供帮助评估模拟电路功能的设计和仿真环境。此功能齐全的设计和仿真套件使用 Cadence® 的模拟分析引擎。PSpice for TI 可免费使用,包括业内超大的模型库之一,涵盖我们的模拟和电源产品系列以及精选的模拟行为模型。

借助 PSpice for TI 的设计和仿真环境及其内置的模型库,您可对复杂的混合信号设计进行仿真。创建完整的终端设备设计和原型解决方案,然后再进行布局和制造,可缩短产品上市时间并降低开发成本。 

在 PSpice for TI 设计和仿真工具中,您可以搜索 TI 器件、了解产品系列、打开测试台并对您的设计进行仿真,从而进一步分析选定的器件。您还可对多个 TI 器件进行联合仿真,以更好地展现您的系统。

除了一个完整的预加载模型库之外,您还可以在 PSPICE-FOR-TI 工具中轻松访问 TI 器件的全新技术资料。在您确认找到适合您应用的器件后,可访问 TI store 购买产品。 

借助 PSpice for TI,您可使用合适的工具来满足您在整个设计周期(从电路探索到设计开发和验证)的仿真需求。免费获取、轻松入门。立即下载 PSpice 设计和仿真套件,开始您的设计。


  1. 申请使用 PSPICE-FOR-TI 仿真器
  2. 下载并安装
  3. 观看有关仿真入门的培训
  • 利用 Cadence PSpice 技术
  • 带有一套数字模型的预装库可在最坏情形下进行时序分析
  • 动态更新确保您可以使用全新的器件型号
  • 针对仿真速度进行了优化,且不会降低精度
  • 支持对多个产品进行同步分析
  • 基于 OrCAD Capture 框架,提供对业界广泛使用的原理图捕获和仿真环境的访问权限
  • 可离线使用
  • 在各种工作条件和器件容许范围内验证设计,包括
    • 自动测量和后处理
    • Monte Carlo 分析
    • 最坏情形分析
    • 热分析
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document-generic 用户指南 document-generic 下载英文版本 (Rev.A)
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SNLC012.ZIP (52 KB)


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用于串行数字接口的低功耗 1:4 分配放大器参考设计
TIDA-00253 TIDA-00253 参考设计从功能上来说是一种 1:4 SDI 分配放大器,具有一个可连接到主机的 USB 接口和一个图形用户界面 (GUI) 程序,通过此程序可以配置板上将根据需要进行更换的器件,并允许进行 SDI 视频眼图监控。多路复用和眼测量可以在不使用常规视频制作环境中不实用的视频分析器或高带宽范围的情况下完成
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WQFN (RTW) 24 了解详情



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