EV Charging Station HMI Module

EV Charging Station HMI Module


One of the largest obstacles EVs have to overcome before wide-scale adoption is range anxiety, where consumers are concerned about switching from fast fueling combustion engines to slow charging battery packs. This fear has begun to subside with the advent of fast DC chargers, reducing charging times from multiple hours to less than one. Due to these changes, demand for fast chargers is growing, and TI’s portfolio of high voltage, high power parts are ready for the high-speed charging challenge. In many high-power chargers modular power supplies are used, allowing for quick repairs, design flexibility, and high efficiencies. The charging station requires accurate monitoring at multiple points of power conversion for proper regulation, protection, and delivery to the EV. With the monitoring comes increased fault handling and increased insight into any errors that may arise. TI’s rich portfolio of power products and solutions can help with several key parameters, including:

  • High levels of reliability and efficiency
  • Accurate power monitoring and metering
  • Integrated protection for safe power delivery


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