RTOS SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM Jacinto™ Processors


Release Date:  13 Aug 2021

This page contains specific information about RTOS SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM Jacinto™ Processors release package. Refer to the table below for download links and related content.


  Title Version Description Size
ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_00_00_12.tar.gz Source Package 2471419 K
ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_00_00_12-windows_codegen_tools.tar.gz Windows version of compile tools if building PDK or MCUSW on Windows 335072 K
ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_00_00_12-prebuilt.tar.gz Pre-built Package for Demo - Refer Getting Started Guide Chapter on how to use this 909969 K
psdk_rtos_ti_data_set_08_00_00.tar.gz TI sample input data set - MUST DOWNLOAD and is required for running vision apps demos 2650175 K
psdk_rtos_ti_data_set_ptk_07_01_00.tar.gz TI sample input data set for PTK - MUST DOWNLOAD and is required for running vision apps PTK demos 4581418 K
SDK Documentation Online SDK documentation
ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_00_00_12-docs_only.tar.gz Documentation only Package 266905 K
PROCESSOR_SDK_RTOS_J721E_manifest.html Software Manifest
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 1K
keywriter_patch.tar.gz Keywriter Patch (installation instructions included) 42 K

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family Supported products Supported hardware

Release Information

Thank you for your interest in the J721E Software Development Kit for RTOS. This SDK can be used on its own (for RTOS-only development on DSP and MCU cores on the J721E), or in conjunction with the following ARM A72-based HLOS-specific packages (for developing RTOS firmware, and HLOS libraries and OS-agnostic demos using OpenVX):Please refer to SDK Documentation in the table above for getting started. The documentation refers to downloading packages that are found both in the table above, as well as on the companion SDK release pages for Linux or QNX listed above.