来自 Vanteon Wireless Solutions 的基于 AM335x 的 vGATEWAY 参考设计




Vanteon Gateway™ is a modular bridging platform designed to translate between common wireless interfaces and protocols for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Gateway™ platform utilizes the AM335x Sitara ARM-Cortex A8 processor and includes many standard wired and wireless communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Dust Networks and Cellular (2G-4G). Other non-standard or Ad-Hoc standard wireless interfaces are supported through adapter modules such as LoRa, Wi SUN, and proprietary narrowband using built in universal connector interfaces and Vanteon’s own vImpulse and vImpulse2™ radios.

Vanteon is a complete electronic systems design and engineering solutions company with technical emphasis on Wireless Solutions, based near Rochester, New York, USA.

Vanteon collaborates with clients that seek innovative technology solutions, driving the development process from conceptual design to validated, production-ready hardware. Their “collaborate and communicate” approach enables us to deliver a higher level of engineering to our clients and provide the best solution to a client’s needs.

While Vanteon technically has a focus on wireless solutions, their team of dedicated engineers can support clients with all forms of engineering product development.

基于 Arm 的处理器
AM3351 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、1Gb 以太网、支持显示效果 AM3352 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、1Gb 以太网、支持显示效果、CAN AM3354 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D 图形、CAN AM3356 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3357 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、EtherCAT、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3358 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D 图形、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3358-EP Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D、PRU-ICSS、HiRel、CAN AM3359 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、EtherCAT、3D、PRU-ICSS、CAN AMIC110 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、支持 10 余种以太网协议
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照片提供方为 Vanteon Wireless Solutions



VGATEWAY — vGATEWAY reference design from Vanteon Wireless Solutions based on AM335x

应遵守 TI 的评估模块标准条款与条件.


TI 不会为此硬件提供持续且直接的设计支持。要在设计期间获得支持,请联系 Vanteon Wireless Solutions.



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