The TPS40210EVM evaluation module (EVM) is a fixed frequency (600kHz) non-synchronous boost converter providing fixed 24.0-V output at up to 2A from a 12V input bus. The EVM is designed to start up from a single supply, so no additional bias voltage is required for start-up. The module uses the TPS40210 Non-Synchronous Current Mode Control Boost Controller with integral N-channel FET driver. TPS40210EVM is designed to use a regulated 12V (+10% / -20%) bus to produce a regulated power rail at 24.0V at up to 2A of load current each. TPS40210EVM is designed to demonstrate the TPS40210 in a typical 12-V bus system while providing a number of test points to evaluate the performance of the TPS40210 in a given application. The EVM can be modified to other input or output voltages by changing some of the components.

  • 12V +10% / -20% input range
  • 24.0V fixed output voltage, adjustable with resistor change (May require compensation adjustment)
  • 2-Adc Steady State Output Current
  • 600kHz switching frequency Single SO-8 switching MOSFET and Rectifier Diode.
  • Double Sided 2 Active Layer PCB with all components on top side (Test Point signals routed on internal layers)
  • Active Converter area of less than 2.5 square inch < 1.15 inch x 2.15 inch
  • Convenient test points for probing switching waveforms and non-invasive loop response testing
CSD17302Q5A 采用 5mm x 6mm SON 封装的单路、9mΩ、30V、N 沟道 NexFET™ 功率 MOSFET


TPS40210 4.5V~52V 宽输入范围升压/SEPIC/反激式直流/直流控制器 TPS40210-EP 增强型产品 4.5V 至 52V 输入电流模式升压控制器 TPS40210-HT 高温宽输入范围电流模式升压控制器 TPS40210-Q1 具有 700mV 基准电压的 4.5V 至 52V 宽输入范围电流模式升压控制器



TPS40210EVM – TPS40210 Evaluation Module

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* 用户指南 Using the TPS20410EVM 2008年 3月 14日
数据表 TPS4021x 4.5-V to 52-V Input Current Mode Boost Controller 数据表 (Rev. G) 2020年 6月 10日
数据表 TPS4021x-Q1 4.5-V to 52-V Input, Current-Mode Boost Controllers 数据表 (Rev. F) 2020年 6月 10日
证书 TPS40210EVM EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
数据表 TPS40210-Q1, TSP40211-Q1 4.5-V to 52-V Input, Current-Mode Boost Controller 数据表 (Rev. E) 2014年 12月 23日


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