System on module vendor for TI Arm-based processors with in-house manufacturing and design services

Created up in 2001 with a mission to reduce the cost and time spent to develop embedded devices, TechNexion has become one of the most respected and fastest growing embedded systems solution providers. TechNexion's system on modules, embedded mainboards, fan-less embedded computers and panel PCs have enabled some of the biggest OEM/ODMs to create successful products used by the multimedia, communications, security, automation and process control industries.

Continuously investing in the latest production technologies, state-of-the-art equipment upgrades and R&D so that all products deliver the benefits of the latest technology, no matter how complex. TechNexion also backs up all products and solutions with an industry-leading longevity commitment, open hardware documentation and open source software.

FPD-Link 串行器/解串器
DS90UB953-Q1 适用于 2MP/60fps 摄像机与雷达的 2MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III 串行器


V3Link 串行器/解串器
TSER953 适用于高速传感器的 4.16Gbps MIPI® CSI-2 V³Link 串行器


基于 Arm 的处理器
AM623 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的对象和手势识别功能的物联网 (IoT) 和网关 SoC AM625 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的边缘 AI 和全高清双显示的人机交互 SoC TDA4VM 具有深度学习、视觉功能和多媒体加速器的双核 Arm® Cortex®-A72 SoC 和 C7x DSP
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TECHN-3P-SOM-AXON-AM62 — 搭载 AM6254 四核 Cortex-A53 1.4GHz 处理器的 Technexion AXON-AM62x 模块上系统

The AXON-AM62x system-on-module (SOM) is the edge processing solution for applications requiring the highest amount of I/O for sensory input, actuation control and edge processing.  At just 37 mm × 58 mm, with a PCB footprint optimized board-to-board connector, AXON modules integrate the (...)


TECHN-3P-SOM-ROVY-4VM — TechNexion ROVY-4VM system-on-module for TDA4VM SoC with dual Arm® Cortex®-A72 C7x DSP GPU

The TechNexion ROVY-4VM is a system-on-module (SOM) developed for mobile robotic, industrial automation and machine vision applications. This SOM is designed for real-time processing in embedded vision applications. The TDA4VM SOC integrates dual ARM®v8 Cortex® A72, 6x 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex (...)


TECHN-3P-TEVI-OV5640 — TechNexion TEVI-OV5640 evaluation kits for OV5640 camera module with FFC connector

Camera module evaluation kit from TechNexion compatible with evaluation modules (EVMs) and single-board computers (SBCs) featuring AM6x processors.

Sensor - OmniVision OV5640 MIPI-CSI2 CMOS image sensor: up to 5MP resolution, color, rolling shutter, and on-chip ISP.

Lens - 84 Degree M12 Lens with (...)


TECHN-3P-VLI-X-SL — TechNexion VizionLink fully-enclosed, IP68 camera modules based on FPD-Link III serializers, S-mount

Fully-enclosed, IP68 camera modules from TechNexion based on FPD-Link III serializers compatible with evaluation modules (EVMs) and single-board computers (SBCs) featuring AM6x and TDA4x processors.

Each camera module is based on color image sensors with varying resolution and performance for a (...)


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