Octavo Systems

System-in-package vendor for TI Arm-based processors with in-house manufacturing

To improve the capability and value of our customers’ electronic systems by delivering innovative, high-quality system-in-package solutions, Octavo Systems brings new technologies and new integration paths to innovative companies around the globe.

By creating SiP devices, Octavo allows the idea behind Moore’s law to continue as the industry transitions from system on chip (SoC) as the system integration method to system in package (SiP) technology as the solution of choice. Through Octavo's technology and design innovations, this technology is more accessible to all, allowing for the continued development of smaller, more cost effective and more innovative products.

基于 Arm 的处理器
AM3351 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、1Gb 以太网、支持显示效果 AM3352 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、1Gb 以太网、支持显示效果、CAN AM3354 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D 图形、CAN AM3356 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3357 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、EtherCAT、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3358 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D 图形、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM3358-EP Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、3D、PRU-ICSS、HiRel、CAN AM3359 Sitara 处理器: Arm Cortex-A8、EtherCAT、3D、PRU-ICSS、CAN AM623 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的对象和手势识别功能的物联网 (IoT) 和网关 SoC AM625 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的边缘 AI 和全高清双显示的人机交互 SoC


多通道 IC (PMIC)
TPS65217 具有 3 个直流/直流转换器、4 个 LDO、线性电池充电器和白光 LED 驱动器的电源管理 IC (PMIC) TPS65219 适用于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 处理器和 FPGA 的集成电源管理 (PMIC)


线性和低压降 (LDO) 稳压器
TL5209 具有反向电压保护功能的 500mA、16V、可调节低压降稳压器
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OCTVO-3P-AM335X — Octavo Systems 基于 AM335x 的系统级封装

Octavo Systems 是向全球创新者提供基于系统级封装 (SiP) 解决方案的领导者。通过 OSD335x 系列 SiP 器件,能以最快且最具成本效益的方法来开发和部署基于德州仪器 (TI) Sitara™ AM335x Arm® Cortex®-A8 处理器的高性能嵌入式系统。

OSD335x 器件可将 Sitara™ AM335x Arm® Cortex®-A8 处理器(运行频率高达 1GHz 且 DDR3高达 1GB)、TPS65217C 电源管理 IC、TL5209 LDO、EEPROM(可选)、eMMC(可选)、MEMS (...)


OCTVO-3P-OSD62X — Octavo Systems OSD62x system-in-package for AM623 and AM625 Arm® Cortex®-A53 1.4-GHz processors

The OSD62x SiP technology allows designers to build a smaller generation of a variety of products in the same applications where the AM62x device is commonly used, including: building automation, factory automation and control, IoT gateway, edgeAI, and HMI. The SiP integrates the low-power, (...)


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