SNAA333 April   2020 CDCE6214-Q1


  1.   eAVB Media Clock Synchronization Using CDCE6214-Q1 Clock Generator
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Introduction
    3. 2 AVB Protocols and Network Structure
    4. 3 AVB End Station Architecture
    5. 4 Talker, Listener, Presentation Time, and Media Clock Synchronization
      1. 4.1 Talker and Presentation Time
      2. 4.2 Listener and Media Clock Synchronization
    6. 5 Reference CDCE6214-Q1 Schematic and Programming Guide
    7. 6 Summary
    8. 7 References

eAVB Media Clock Synchronization Using CDCE6214-Q1 Clock Generator

AVB (Audio Video Bridging) protocols have been widely adopted to achieve time and clock synchronization over Ethernet, especially in automotive infotainment systems. CDCE6214-Q1 is a compact and ultra low-power programmable clock generator that supports output frequency tuning with less than 1-ppm step size. With the frequency margining capability, CDCE6214-Q1 is ideal for AVB media clock synchronization. This application report introduces AVB system architecture and explains media clock synchronization design with CDCE6214-Q1.