SSZT257 august   2020 TPS63900 , TPS63901


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    2.     Key design challenges when designing smart meter systems
    3.     Power consumption profile for typical flow meters
    4.     Best practices for designing meters with a buck-boost converter
    5.     Best practice No. 1: Limit the peak current drawn from the battery.
    6.     Best practice No. 2: Make the output and input voltage levels independent.
    7.     Best practice No. 3: Use converters with a low operating current and a standby current below 500 nA.
    8.     Best practice No. 4: Keep the voltage of the supply system as low as possible.
    9.     Best practice No. 5: Optimize voltage load per operating mode with dynamic voltage scaling.
    10.     Some measurements
    11.     Additional resources
Technical Article

5 Best Practices to Extend Battery Life in Flow Meters