SLVAEY2A August   2020  – October 2020 LM7310 , TPS25947


  1. 1Introduction
  2. 2Fast Role Swap (FRS) Explained
  3. 3Fast Charging Enables FRS
  4. 4Linear ORing is True Reverse Current Blocking (RCB)
  5. 5Summary


With fast charging and linear ORing, TPS25947 and LM73100 not only allow fast switching during FRS but also provide true reverse current blocking and other power protection functions. As USB-C devices become increasingly popular, power protection for these devices must offer reliable features without sacrificing performance in high-power delivery and high-speed data transfer.

Table 5-1 Device Recommendations





2.7 - 23 V, 5.5 A, 28 mΩ Reverse Current Blocking eFuse with Input Reverse Polarity Protection QFN(10) 2 x 2 mm


2.7 - 23 V, 5.5 A, 28 mΩ Integrated Ideal Diode with Input Reverse Polarity and Overvoltage Protection

QFN(10) 2 x 2 mm