TTC automotive Bluetooth Low Energy modules


HY-42Q101 Bluetooth low energy single mode module is for AEC-Q100 qualified automotive 
applications, automotive device specification temperature Grade 2: ( –40°C to +105°C), 

HY-42Q101 is a single mode device, targeted for low-power energy sensors and accessories. 

HY-42Q101 offers all Bluetooth Low Energy features: radio, stack, profiles and application space for automotive applications. The module also provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors.

HY-42Q101 can be powered directly with a standard 3-V coin cell battery or pair of AAA batteries. In lowest-power shutdown mode, it consumes only 0.15-µA and will wake up in few microseconds.

HY-42Q101 has transmission distance of 80 meters or more. (At face-to-face, free space, 1.2-meters high from ground for testing, depends on antenna gain & antenna efficiency).

  • 2.4 GHz MCU,Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy module,Supports over-the-air upgrade (OTA).
  • Support for Bluetooth ® 5.2 features: LE Coded PHYs (Long Range), LE 2-Mbit PHY (High Speed), Advertising Extensions, Multiple Advertisement Sets, CSA#2, as well as backwards compatibility and support for key features from the Bluetooth ® 5 and earlier Low Energy specifications.
  • Longer battery life wireless applications with low standby current of 0.94 µA  with full RAM retention.
  • Grade 2 temperature range (–40 °C to +105 °C) and is offered in a 7-mm x 7-mm VQFN package with wettable flanks.
  • Dedicated software controlled radio controller (Arm® Cortex®-M0) providing flexible low-power RF transceiver capability to support multiple physical layers and RF standards, such as real-time localization (RTLS) technologies.
  • Excellent radio sensitivity and robustness (selectivity and blocking) performance for Bluetooth ® Low Energy (-105 dBm for 125-kbps LE Coded PHY).
  • Automotive applications: PEPS,  remote keyless entry (RKE), car sharing, piloted parking, cable replacement, and smartphone connectivity.
  • Dedicated software-controlled radio controller (Arm® Cortex®-M0) providing flexible low-power RF transceiver capability to support multiple physical layers and RF standards, such as real-time localization (RTLS) technologies.
CC2642R-Q1 符合汽车标准的 SimpleLink™ 低功耗 Bluetooth® 无线 MCU
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照片提供方为 Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd.



HY-42Q101CC — Automotive module


HY-42Q101WC — Automotive module

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