评估模块将 12V 总线转换为 1.8V (15A)




In many modern electronic applications there is a growing demand for circuits to convert a12-V bus to digital voltages as low as, but not limited to 1.8 V. The current requirements can range from below 1 A to over 15 A. For high-efficiency and small circuit size the TPS40055 wide-input synchronous buck controller can be used to provide the necessary control and drive functions to implement these converters. The TPS40055EVM−001 operates at 300 kHz and delivers 1.8 V at 15 A with efficiency over 90% for much of the load range, and a full load efficiency of 88%.

The TPS40055 synchronous buck controller offers a variety of user programmable functions such as operating frequency, soft-start time, voltage feed-forward, high-side current limit, and external loop compensation. This controller also provides a regulated 10-V bias voltage which supplies onboard drivers for the N-channel switch and synchronous rectifier MOSFETs, utilizing adaptive gate drive logic to prevent cross conduction of the power MOSFETs.

  • 92% peak efficiency at 6 A
  • 88% peak efficiency at 15 A
  • 1.8V output at 15 A
  • VIN range from 10 VDC to 14 VDC
  • Small circuit size 1.4” x 2.5” SMT design, components on single side
  • Line/load regulation < 0.5%
  • High-frequency 300-kHz operation
  • Transient deviation 60 mV with 10-A load step
TPS40054 宽输入 (8V-40V) 最高频率 1MHz 的同步降压控制器,仅用作源控制器 TPS40055 具有拉/灌电流能力且频率高达 1MHz 的宽输入(8V 至 40V)同步降压控制器 TPS40057 宽输入 (8V-40V)、频率高达 1MHz 的同步降压控制器,带有预偏置的输出驱动/吸入


CSD17505Q5A 采用 5mm x 6mm SON 封装的单路、3.5mΩ、30V、N 沟道 NexFET™ 功率 MOSFET CSD17522Q5A 采用 5mm x 6mm SON 封装的单路、8.1mΩ、30V、N 沟道 NexFET™ 功率 MOSFET
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TPS40055EVM-001 — 评估模块将 12V 总线转换为 1.8V (15A)

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* 用户指南 TPS40055 Based Design Converts 12V Bus to 1.8V at 15Amps 2004年 2月 6日
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证书 TPS40055EVM-001 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日


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