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PDIP (P) 8 93 mm² 9.81 x 9.43 SOIC (D) 8 19 mm² 3.91 x 4.9 open-in-new 查找其它 通用 运算放大器


  • A-Suffix Versions Offer 5-mV VIO
  • B-Suffix Versions Offer 2-mV VIO
  • Wide Range of Supply Voltages
  • 1.4 V to 16 V
  • True Single-Supply Operation
  • Common-Mode Input Voltage Includes the Negative Rail
  • Low Noise...30 nV/Hz\ Typ at f = 1 kHz
    (High-Bias Versions)
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The TLC252, TLC25L2, and TLC25M2 are low-cost, low-power dual operational amplifiers designed to operate with single or dual supplies. These devices utilize the Texas Instruments silicon gate LinCMOSTM process, giving them stable input offset voltages that are available in selected grades of 2, 5, or 10mV maximum, very high input impedances, and extremely low input offset and bias currents. Because the input common-mode range extends to the negative rail and the power consumption is extremely low, this series is ideally suited for battery-powered or energy-conserving applications. The series offers operation down to a 1.4-V supply, is stable at unity gain, and has excellent noise characteristics.

These devices have internal electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protection circuits that prevent catastrophic failures at voltages up to 2000 V as tested under MIL-STD-883C, Method 3015.1. However, care should be exercised in handling these devices as exposure to ESD may result in a degradation of the device parametric performance.

Because of the extremely high input impedance and low input bias and offset currents, applications for the TLC252/25_2 series include many areas that have previously been limited to BIFET and NFET product types. Any circuit using high-impedance elements and requiring small offset errors is a good candidate for cost-effective use of these devices. Many features associated with bipolar technology are available with LinCMOSTM operational amplifiers without the power penalties of traditional bipolar devices. General applications such as transducer interfacing, analog calculations, amplifier blocks, active filters, and signal buffering are all easily designed with the TLC252/25_2 series devices. Remote and inaccessible equipment applications are possible using their low-voltage and low-power capabilities. The TLC252/25_2 series is well suited to solve the difficult problems associated with single-battery and solar-cell-powered applications. This series includes devices that are characterized for the commercial temperature range and are available in 8-pin plastic dip and the small-outline package. The device is also available in chip form.

The TLC252/25_2 series is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

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* 数据表 LinCMOS Dual Operational Amplifiers 数据表 2001年 3月 13日
技术文章 What is an op amp? 2020年 1月 21日
技术文章 Designing tiny microphone circuits with the industry’s smallest op amp 2018年 4月 12日
技术文章 How to lay out a PCB for high-performance, low-side current-sensing designs 2018年 2月 6日
技术文章 Low-side current sensing for high-performance cost-sensitive applications 2018年 1月 22日




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TI 精密放大器快速入门套件凭借六个运算放大器样片和用于表面贴装 IC 原型设计的评估模块,简化了运算放大器的选择、设计和评估过程。该套件是您设计放大器的完美起点。

您可能还对 TI 高精度实验室(业界首个面向模拟工程师的综合性网上课堂)感兴趣。浏览课程



  • 六个样片:三个低功耗、低电压放大器和三个低功耗、宽电源放大器。请参见下表,以了解完整的列表。
  • 用于表面贴装 IC 原型设计的 DIP 适配器评估模块 (DIP-ADAPTER-EVM)。EVM 支持以下封装类型:D 或 U (SOIC-8)、PW (TSSOP-8)、DGK (MSOP-8)、DBV(SOT23-6、SOT23-5 和 SOT23-3)、DCK(SC70-6 和 SC70-5)和 DRL (SOT563-6)。


器件 Iq
低电压 OPA31x 系列:通过微功耗和 RRIO 实现一流的带宽功耗比
OPA313 0.06 1 0.5 2.5 25 1.8 至 5.5
OPA314 0.19 3 1.5 2.5 14 1.8 至 5.5
OPA316 0.5 10 6 2.5 11 1.8 至 5.5
宽电源 OPA17x 系列:微封装、微功耗和 RRO
OPA170 0.145 1.2 0.4 1.8 19 2.7 至 36
OPA171 0.595 3 (...)
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DIP 适配器评估模块
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Speed up your op amp prototyping and testing with the DIP-Adapter-EVM, which provides a fast, easy and inexpensive way to interface with small, surface-mount ICs. You can connect any supported op amp using the included Samtec terminal strips or wire them directly to existing circuits.

The (...)

  • Simplifies prototyping of SMT IC’s
  • Supports 6 common package types
  • Low Cost
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DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM 是独特的评估模块 (EVM) 系列,可为工程师和 DIY 爱好者提供现实生活中的放大器电路,使您能够快速完成设计概念评估和仿真验证。它专为采用行业标准 SOIC-8 封装的双封装运算放大器而设计。它可实现各种电路配置,例如反相和同相放大器、Sallen Key 滤波器、多反馈滤波器、具有基准缓冲器的差动放大器、具有双反馈的 RISO、单端输入至差动输出、差动输入至差动输出、2 个运算放大器仪表放大器和并联运算放大器。

DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM 系列可实现快速、方便的原型设计,并且使用常用的 0805 或 0603 表面贴装式组件。通过配置多个组合,您可以借助 EVM 构建从简单的放大器电路到复杂的信号链在内的多种评估电路。所有 EVM 均与试验电路板、超小型 A 版 (SMA)、接头和有线接口连接兼容,并与大部分模数转换器 (ADC) 和数模转换器 (DAC) EVM 交叉兼容。

此外,DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM 的布局经过优化,可减少由试验电路板原型设计带来的寄生效应。DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM 系列将在从数据表到仿真再到仿真验证的整个环节为您带来信心,以快速推进您的设计。
  • 10 种电路配置可供选择:同相、反相、有源滤波器、具有基准缓冲器的差动放大器等!
  • 多个接口选项:SMA、接头、试验电路板、线缆
  • 专为 0805 尺寸组件而设计;0603 尺寸友好型
  • PCB 背面的丝网中提供了电路原理图
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The Universal OPAMPEVM is a series of general purpose blank circuit boards that simplify prototyping circuits for a variety of IC package types. The evaluation module board design allows many different circuits to be constructed easily and quickly. Five models are offered with each targeted for (...)


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SLOJ087.ZIP (3 KB) - PSpice Model
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document-generic 用户指南 document-generic 下载英文版本 (Rev.A)
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ANALOG-ENGINEER-CALC — 模拟工程师计算器旨在加快模拟电路设计工程师经常使用的许多重复性计算。该基于 PC 的工具提供图形界面,其中显示各种常见计算的列表(从使用反馈电阻器设置运算放大器增益到为稳定模数转换器 (ADC) 驱动器缓冲器电路选择合适的电路设计元件)。除了可用作单独的工具之外,该计算器还能够很好地与模拟工程师口袋参考书中所述的概念配合使用。
  • 通过模数转换器 (ADC) 和数模转换器 (DAC) 加快电路设计
    • 噪声计算
    • 常见单位转换
  • 解决常见的放大器电路设计问题
    • 使用标准电阻器进行增益选择
    • 滤波器配置
    • 常见放大器配置的总噪声
  • 执行 PCB 寄生计算(例如 R、L 和 C)
  • 查找常见传感器的传感器输出值(例如 RTD、热电偶)
  • 解决常见无源电路问题(例如使用无源组件的分压器)


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PDIP (P) 8 了解详情
SOIC (D) 8 了解详情



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