Technology company focused on autonomous driving, CV2X, rail transit and industrial applications

Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founded in Beijing, China in 2015. By combining cutting-edged technology of LiDAR and efficient solutions, they empower customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to achieve intelligent driving and bringing automation into systems for billions of people. Up to now, Benewake has applied for hundreds of patents and has more than 200 employees. They have a full range of business activities in China and abroad, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. They have built partnership with top 500 enterprises in China and abroad. Their business covers over 90 countries and regions around the world, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other regions.
飞行时间 (ToF) 传感器
OPT3101 基于 ToF 的远距离接近和距离传感器模拟前端 (AFE)
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BW-3P-TFMINI-PLUS — Benewake TFmini Plus 激光雷达模块(短距离传感器)

TFmini Plus 模块基于德州仪器 (TI) 的 OPT3101 而构建,是一款单点短距离激光雷达传感器。该传感器尺寸小、功耗低、性能优异,由 Benewake 生产制造。


BW-3P-TF-LUNA — TF Luna LiDAR module(Short-range distance sensor)

TF-Luna 模块基于 OPT3101 而构建,是一款单点短距离激光雷达传感器。该传感器成本低、尺寸小、功耗低、性能优异,由 Benewake 生产制造。TF-Luna 模块基于 OPT3101 而构建,是一款单点短距离激光雷达传感器。该传感器成本低、尺寸小、功耗低、性能优异,由 Benewake 生产制造。

BW-3P-TF02-PRO — TF02 Pro LiDAR module(Long-range distance sensor)

TF02 PRO 模块基于 OPT3101 而构建,是一款单点远距离激光雷达传感器。该传感器成本低、尺寸小、功耗低、性能优异,由 Benewake 生产制造。

BW-3P-TFMINI-S — TF Mini Series LiDAR module(Short-range distance sensor)

TF-mini-S 模块基于 OPT3101 而构建,是一款单点短距离激光雷达传感器。该传感器成本低、尺寸小、功耗低、性能优异,由 Benewake 生产制造。

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