SLVAFE6 December   2022 TPS62870 , TPS62870-Q1 , TPS62871 , TPS62871-Q1 , TPS62872 , TPS62872-Q1 , TPS62873 , TPS62873-Q1 , TPS62874-Q1 , TPS62875-Q1 , TPS62876-Q1 , TPS62877-Q1 , TPS6287B10 , TPS6287B25 , TPSM8287A06 , TPSM8287A10 , TPSM8287A12 , TPSM8287A15


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2Configuration
  5. 3Measurements
    1. 3.1 DC Regulation in PWM and Power Save Mode Operation
    2. 3.2 Transient Performance
    3. 3.3 Control Loop Gain
  6. 4Summary
  7. 5References


Fixed output voltage converters like TPS6287x generate an accurate output voltage with tight tolerance and temperature drift. This is hardly achievable with a DC-DC converter having an adjustable output voltage which is set by a resistor divider. The tolerance of the resistors of the feedback divider and the temperature drift of the resistors significantly affect the accuracy. At converters having a fixed output voltage the output voltage usually cannot be changed unless a digital interface is available and supports that. This is possible with devices of the TPS6287x family if the interface can be used to adjust the voltage if needed. If no interface is available at the time the change is needed there is a possible workaround which is described in this application note in detail.