SLUSEC6 September   2020 BQ25980


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机械数据 (封装 | 引脚)
散热焊盘机械数据 (封装 | 引脚)


  • 98.6% peak efficiency switched cap parallel charger supporting 2-cell battery and 8-A fast charge
  • Patent pending dual phase switched cap architecture optimized for highest efficiency
    • Input voltage is 2x battery voltage (7.0V to 9.54V)
    • Output current is 2x of input current (up to 4.75A)
    • Reduces power loss across input cable
  • Integrated 7-A bypass mode fast charge
    • 13mΩ charging path resistance for high current operation
  • Dual-input power mux controller for source selection
  • Support wide range of input voltage

    • Up to 22-V operational input voltage

    • Maximum 40-V input voltage with optional external ACFET and 28-V without external ACFET

  • Parallel charging with synchronized dual BQ25980 operations for up-to 12-A charging current

  • Integrated programmable protection features for safe operation
    • Input over-voltage protection (BUSOVP) and battery over-voltage protection (BATOVP)
    • Input over-current protection (BUSOCP) and battery over-current protection (BATOCP)
    • Output over-voltage protection (VOUTOVP)
    • Input under-current protection (BUSUCP) and input reverse-current protection (BUSRCP) to detect adapter unplug and prevent boost-back
    • Input short-circuit protection (BUSSCP)
    • Battery and connector temperature monitoring (TSBAT_FLT and TSBUS_FLT)
    • Junction over-temperature protection (TDIE_FLT)
    • Optional input over-voltage protection with external ACFET up to 40V
  • Programmable settings for system optimization
    • Interrupts and interrupt masks
    • ADC readings and configuration
  • Integrated 16-bit ADC for voltage, current and temperature monitoring