TAS5162DKD6 评估模块 (EVM)
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    2007年 6月 15日    (英文內容)


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The TAS5162DKD6EVM PurePath Digital™ customer evaluation module demonstrates the integrated circuits TAS5162DKD and TAS5518PAG from Texas Instruments (TI).

The TAS5162DKD is a high-performance, integrated stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage designed to drive 6 Ohm speakers at up to 210 W per channel. The device incorporates PurePath Digital™ technology and is designed to be used with PurePath Digital™ modulators. This system requires only a simple passive demodulation filter to deliver high-quality, high-efficiency audio amplification.

TAS5518PAG is a high performance 32-bit (24-bit input) multi channel PurePath Digital™ Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) based on Equibit™ technology with fully symmetrical AD modulation scheme. The device also has Digital Audio Processing (DAP) that provides 48 bit signal processing, advanced performance and a high level of system integration. The device has interfaces for headphone output and Power Supply Volume Control (PSVC).

This EVM is configured with 4 BTL channels and 1 PBTL (parallel BTL) channel for the subwoofer channel.

This EVM, together with a TI input-USB board, is a complete 5 channels + subwoofer line output digital audio amplifier system which includes digital input (S/PDIF), analog inputs, interface to PC and DAP features like digital volume control, input and output mixers, automute, tone controls, loudness, EQ filters and dynamic range compression (DRC). There are configuration option for power stage failure protection and a mini-jack connector for headphone.

This 5 channel system + subwoofer line output is designed for home theater applications such as A/V receivers, DVD receivers, DVD mini-component systems or home theater in a box (HTIB).


• 5/6 channel PurePath Digital™ evaluation module (double-sided plated-through PCB layout).
• Subwoofer Line Output (LFE Output).
• Self-contained protection system (short circuit & thermal).
• Standard I²S and I²C / Control connector for TI input board
• Double-sided plated-through PCB layout.

• Full documentation on CD ROM
• Populated EVM Board
• Populated Interface Board
• IDC, PSU and USB Cables

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TAS5162DKD6 Evaluation Module




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TAS5162  210W 立体声数字放大器功率级  音频放大器 
TAS5518  8 通道数字音频 PWM 处理器  专用音频 IC 



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