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TI 的 Aureus™ 音频 DSP 和模拟解决方案为 AV 接收器制造商将其产品快速推向市场提供差异化解决方案,并使其能够轻松定制最逼真的收听体验。


High-quality digital audio formats, such as the lossless HD audio formats found on Blu-ray discs, present AV receiver system designers with many engineering challenges. Digital connectivity, content protection, compatibility with new decoding standards and the need for fast data rates with superior analog performance throughout the entire audio signal chain require careful attention to semiconductor device selection, power supply design and PCB layout. AV end equipment designers can take advantage of TI’s expertise in audio and video DSPs, as well as high-performance analog solutions, to deliver not only the highest performance products, but also the most cost-effective solutions to the consumer.

The core subsystems include:


The Aureus™ audio DSPs provide the processing power to handle the myriad of decoding formats as well as advanced post processing.

Video DSP

The DaVinci™ TMS320DM6437 high-performance fixed-point DSP is an excellent choice for digital media applications. It is perfect for applications requiring image scaling, de-interlacing, on-screen-display and video post-processing.

Data Converter

TI's Burr-Brown audio data converter products offer the full range of performance, enabling both high-end and cost-sensitive systems.

Power Amplifier

PurePath Digital™ power amplifier solutions preserve the original quality of the source and deliver high power in a sleek form factor.


  • Digital Video/Audio – HDMI, 1394 (high-quality DVD Audio data rate of 192 kHz can be sent across a 1394 cable connected to an AV receiver), and 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet (capability to decode video streams from the web or PC
  • Digital Audio – S/PDIF
  • Analog Audio – offers high-quality differential I/O and analog Line In/Out
  • Analog Video – Composite, Component and S-Video input connections

Power Conversion

Converts the input power from the AC adaptor to run various functional blocks.


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