THS3202 2GHz 电流反馈放大器 | 德州仪器

THS3202 (不推荐在新型设计中采用) 2GHz 电流反馈放大器

2GHz 电流反馈放大器 - THS3202

不建议在新的设计中使用 (NRND)

由替代品 THS3491 – 器件与被比较器件具有相同的功能,但并不是引脚对引脚等效,也有可能参数不相同。

TI 不推荐在新产品中使用该产品。该产品仍然在继续生产中是因为需提供给现有客户。


The THS3202 is a dual current-feedback amplifier developed with BiCOM-II technology. Designed for low distortion with a high slew rate of 9000 V/µs, the THS320x family is ideally suited for applications driving loads sensitive to distortion at high frequencies.

The THS3202 provides well-regulated ac performance characteristics with power supplies ranging from single-supply 6.6-V operation up to a 15-V supply. The high unity-gain bandwidth of up to
2 GHz is a major contributor to the excellent distortion performance. The THS3202 offers an output current drive of ±115 mA and a low differential gain and phase error that make it suitable for applications such as video line drivers.

The THS3202 is available in an SOIC-8, an MSOP-8, and an MSOP-8 with PowerPAD packages.


  • Unity-Gain Bandwidth: 2 GHz
  • High Slew Rate: 9000 V/µs
  • High Output Current: ±115 mA into 20 RL
  • Power-Supply Voltage Range: 6.6 V to 15 V
    • High-Speed Signal Processing
    • Test and Measurement Systems
    • High-Voltage ADC Preamplifier
    • RF and IF Amplifier Stages
    • Professional Video