THS3201 1.8GHz 电流反馈放大器 | 德州仪器

THS3201 (不推荐在新型设计中采用) 1.8GHz 电流反馈放大器

1.8GHz 电流反馈放大器 - THS3201

不建议在新的设计中使用 (NRND)

由替代品 THS3001 – 器件与被比较器件具有相同的功能和引脚排列,但并不完全等效。
THS3491 – 器件与被比较器件具有相同的功能,但并不是引脚对引脚等效,也有可能参数不相同。

TI 不推荐在新产品中使用该产品。该产品仍然在继续生产中是因为需提供给现有客户。


The THS3201 is a wideband, high-speed current-feedback amplifier, designed to operate over a wide supply range of ±3.3 V to ±7.5 V for today's high performance applications.

The wide supply range, combined with low distortion and high slew rate, makes the THS3201 ideally suited for arbitrary waveform driver applications. The distortion performance also enables driving high-resolution and high-sampling rate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

Its high voltage operation capabilities make the THS3201 especially suitable for many test, measurement, and ATE applications where lower voltage devices do not offer enough voltage swing capability. Output rise and fall times are nearly independent of step size (to first-order approximation), making the THS3201 ideal for buffering small to large step pulses with excellent linearity in high dynamic systems.

The THS3201 is offered in a 5-pin SOT-23, 8-pin SOIC, and an 8-pin MSOP with PowerPAD™ packages.


  • Unity-Gain Bandwidth: 1.8 GHz
  • High Slew Rate: 6700 V/µs (G = 2 V/V, RL = 100 , 10-V Step)
  • IMD3: -78 dBc at 20 MHz: (G = 10 V/V, RL = 100 , 2-VPP Envelope)
  • Noise Figure: 11 dB (G = 10 V/V, RG = 28 , RF = 255 )
  • Input-Referred Noise (f >10 MHz)
    • Voltage Noise: 1.65 nV/Hz
    • Noninverting Current Noise: 13.4 pA/Hz
    • Inverting Current Noise: 20 pA/Hz
  • Output Drive: 100 mA
  • Power-Supply Voltage Range: ±3.3 V to ±7.5 V
    • Test and Measurement
    • ATE
    • High-Resolution, High-Sampling Rate ADC Drivers
    • High-Resolution, High-Sampling Rate DAC Output Buffers

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