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具有 AB 类输出的 LMT87 - 1.5V、SC70、多增益模拟温度传感器


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LMT84-7EVM Temperature Sensor EVM LMT84-7EVM 评估模块和开发板


2-kW industrial AC/DC battery charger reference design with 92% full-load efficiency

This reference design is a module that can be set as standard power supply or a battery charger. The output voltage ranges from 0 V to 32 V at a maximum current of 62.5 A. It consists of four boards, a boost PFC, a phase shift full bridge, a small daughter board (hosting the microcontroller), and a (...)


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LMT87 Look-Up Table  (ZIP 5 KB )    2014年 5月 2日    (英文內容)