CDCVF2505 具有扩频兼容性和断电模式的 PLL 时钟驱动器,用于 SDRAM 以及通用应用领域 | 德州仪器

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具有扩频兼容性和断电模式的 PLL 时钟驱动器,用于 SDRAM 以及通用应用领域

具有扩频兼容性和断电模式的 PLL 时钟驱动器,用于 SDRAM 以及通用应用领域 - CDCVF2505


The CDCVF2505 is a high-performance, low-skew, low-jitter, phase-lock loop (PLL) clock driver. This device uses a PLL to precisely align the output clocks (1Y[0-3] and CLKOUT) to the input clock signal (CLKIN) in both frequency and phase. The CDCVF2505 operates at 3.3 V and also provides integrated series-damping resistors that make it ideal for driving point-to-point loads.

One bank of five outputs provides low-skew, low-jitter copies of CLKIN. Output duty cycles are adjusted to 50 percent, independent of duty cycle at CLKIN. The device automatically goes into power-down mode when no input signal is applied to CLKIN.

The loop filter for the PLLs is included on-chip. This minimizes the component count, space, and cost.

The CDCVF2505 is characterized for operation from –40°C to 85°C.

Because it is based on the PLL circuitry, the CDCVF2505 requires a stabilization time to achieve phase lock of the feedback signal to the reference signal. This stabilization is required following power up and application of a fixed-frequency, fixed-phase signal at CLKIN, and following any changes to the PLL reference.


  • Phase-Lock Loop Clock Driver for Synchronous DRAM and General-Purpose Applications
  • Spread Spectrum Clock Compatible
  • Operating Frequency: 24 MHz to 200 MHz
  • Low Jitter (Cycle-to-Cycle): < |150 ps| (Over 66 MHz to 200 MHz Range)
  • Distributes One Clock Input to One Bank of Five Outputs (CLKOUT Used to Tune the Input-Output Delay)
  • Three-States Outputs When There Is No Input Clock
  • Operates From Single 3.3-V Supply
  • Available in 8-Pin TSSOP and 8-Pin SOIC Packages
  • Consumes Less Than 100 mA (Typical) in Power-Down Mode
  • Internal Feedback Loop Is Used to Synchronize the Outputs to the Input Clock
  • 25-Ω On-Chip Series Damping Resistors
  • Integrated RC PLL Loop Filter Eliminates the Need for External Components


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Part number 立即下单 Function Output frequency (Max) (MHz) Number of outputs VCC core (V) Output skew (ps) Features Operating temperature range (C) Rating Output type Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
CDCVF2505 立即下单 Memory interface     200     4     3.3     150     SDR     -40 to 85     Catalog     LVCMOS     SOIC | 8
TSSOP | 8    
8SOIC: 19 mm2: 3.91 x 4.9 (SOIC | 8)
8TSSOP: 19 mm2: 6.4 x 3 (TSSOP | 8)